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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring – Only $8.95 A Month with Alarm Relay

Alarm Monitoring – Only $8.95 A Month with Alarm Relay

No home security system is complete without alarm monitoring. This is not an area that you can afford to ignore, which is why Shieldlab is pleased to introduce you to UL Certified Alarm Relay. With more than four decades of experience, the Alarm Relay client roster includes the U.S. Government, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and a long list of very satisfied Shieldlab customers just like you.

Keep reading to learn more about this company and discover how important their service is to the strength and security of your burglar alarm system.

Affordable Alarm Monitoring

When asked, most people who have chosen to bypass alarm monitoring do so for one of two reasons. First, they believe that alarm monitoring is too expensive. Second, they do not believe that alarm monitoring is all that necessary. When pushed for a detailed explanation, most will admit that the expense of alarm monitoring is what usually leads them to the idea that monitoring is not necessary. See, it is not really the service itself that they find unimportant, but this matter usually boils down to the service in relation to its cost-- a cost which is mostly inflated by other companies.

Alarm Relay immediately removes this barrier by providing complete burglar alarm monitoring-- from their own central station-- for a mere $8.95 per month. That's right, for less than .30 cents per day, the alarm system at your home or business can be monitored 24/7 by highly trained and industry respected security professionals.

Why Does Alarm Relay Only Cost $8.95 Per Month, But Others Charge 3Xs as Much?

Simple.The true cost of alarm monitoring is nowhere near what those other guys are charging. An industry secret that Shieldlab takes pride in revealing is that vendors across the nation are deliberately inflating the cost of alarm monitoring.They do this by acting as a middleman and selling you a service that only costs them a fraction of what they charge you. The difference goes into their pockets, which is why they are so eager to offer you free or seriously discounted equipment as long as you sign a multi-year monitoring contract at a ridiculously high price.

Shieldlab customers are able to completely bypass this middleman and purchase monitoring directly from the source. In so doing, our customers literally save hundreds of dollars each year without having to sacrifice the best in quality alarm monitoring service. We are of the firm belief that your home security should not suffer a vulnerability simply because of cost and definitely not because those other guys want to make free money at the expense of your family's security.

Why Alarm Monitoring Is a Must-Have Shieldlab

Now that we've gotten pricing out of the way, let's talk about why your home security setup is incomplete without alarm monitoring.

When you are away, who is monitoring your system?

So, you're at work and your alarm goes off in the middle of the afternoon. Do you rely on your neighbors to call you or to call the police? What if they're not at home either? Wouldn't you prefer that a team of professionals immediately spring into action to ensure that you (or someone on your emergency list) are immediately contacted and that the police are dispatched to your home, if necessary?

If you are ever the victim of a home invasion, who will you depend on?

Imagine you are at home and your alarm is suddenly triggered. As you get up to take a look around, you are confronted with an armed person who forces you to turn the alarm off. If your system is not monitored, what happens next? What happens to your family? Who, outside of your home, will even know what's going on and who will come to your rescue?

Now, imagine you're at home and your alarm is triggered, BUT it is also professionally monitored by Alarm Relay. When you are confronted by an armed intruder who forces you to turn it off, you are able to input a special passcode that deactivates the alarm, yes, but also simultaneously sends a secret code-red message that you are in trouble. By the same token if the alarm goes off for too long and a live monitor calls your home to determine the nature of the alarm, if allowed to answer, you are able to calmly and discreetly give a secret code word that tells your monitor to call the police. Of course, by either method, the intruder does not recognize that you've given monitors a secret cue that you are in trouble. Alarm Relay, though, is able to alert the authorities on your behalf and help is immediately sent to your home.

So, which scenario do you feel the safest with?

If a false alarm is triggered when you're not home, how much will you be fined?

Several jurisdictions have taken to fining homeowners for false alarms. If your alarm is monitored, however, you are contacted by Alarm Relay whenever your system is triggered and is not shut off within a minute or two. Should you be away from home when you receive that call, you can easily disarm the system remotely and avoid a police visit. Note that the $8.95 per month that you pay for monitoring with Alarm Relay includes this courtesy and is far less than the fine your city or town might levy.

Medical Alert Alarm Monitoring

If your alarm system is equipped with a feature for assistance during a medical alert, Alarm Relay can help. By offering the same quality assistance described above, a professional monitor can quickly call a response team when you or one of your loved ones are faced with a medical emergency and are unable to phone for help independently.

Why Alarm Relay?

Now that we've established the importance of investing in an alarm monitoring service, you may wonder why we recommend Alarm Relay over all others. Well, consider this:

  • Alarm Relay has met all required safety standards and is a bona-fide UL Certified company. This means that Underwriters Laboratories, a federally approved testing laboratory which has provided safety inspections and certifications for more than 100 years, has given Alarm Relay the thumbs up.
  • Some local law enforcement agencies are not lawfully bound to respond to alarm systems that are not properly registered with them by a monitoring company. And some monitoring companies cannot become registered because they are not properly permitted or they've allowed an earlier permit to lapse without renewal. As a UL Certified company, this will never be a problem with Alarm Relay.
  • Insurance companies often give discounts on homeowner policies if an alarm system is installed. Often, companies require that systems also be monitored in order for a homeowner to receive a full discount. With Alarm Relay there will never be a question as to whether or not the monitoring company meets an insurance company's approval. Not only are they UL Certified, but their clients include the U.S. Government's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Simply put, if the government trusts them enough to use their monitoring services, your insurance company will trust that you have the absolute best monitoring service around.
  • For more than 40 years, Alarm Relay has provided the ultimate in home security monitoring. With an outstanding reputation in the industry, every dispatcher in their employ is a well-trained professional. Not only are their dispatchers able to effectively monitor your system, but they do such a good job at handling security and medical emergencies that they have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • In addition to UL Certification and the highest Better Business Bureau rating, Alarm Relay has achieved industry recognized excellence by leaders such as the Security Industry Association and have been granted Five Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association.

Get Alarm Monitoring For Your Home and Office NOW!

Every day that you delay having your alarm monitored is a day that you and your loved ones are at risk. With affordable service from a company vetted by a global leader in safety, we guarantee that you will not find a better monitoring service to provide your home and your family with 24/7 protection. Call our office today to find out how to sign up with Alarm Relay and save between 50-300% of what other security companies will offer.

Protecting Clients Nationwide since 1972

Every hour and every day, Alarm Relay is on the job, and it's been that way for over four decades. Alarm Relay is known for fast, accurate, and responsive alarm monitoring services, providing a high level of protection 24/7 at reasonable prices whereas other monitoring services are at least three times more in cost.


Save between 50-300% off industry standard alarm monitoring costs by connecting to the Alarm Relay central station.

UL Certified Central Station

Alarm Relay has been a UL Listed Central Station for over 10 years

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