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London-Locksmith: CCTV and security measures nightmare


It is the third time this month that this security measures are not working correctly!
Learn from my experience: never give your personal security installation to the hands of unprofessional locksmith. Make your self a list of procedures that you can follow when asking a locksmith for consolidate security measures.
My apartment got burgled three times in the last month due to alarm mail function. I call a []London-Locksmith[/] for an estimate and they told me it is going to cost me 3000$, and that after paying the same for the old alarm system. So how can I be sure the locksmith will do a good work this time?

1) Ask for locksmith referees: Do not shy to ask the locksmith in Camden to see previous work done by him.

2) Ask for a flat price: a lot of times companies are giving a quote that in reality is a lot lower then the end price.

3) Tailor security: check that the security measures installed are answering your requirement.

4) Locksmith security application: verify that the London Locksmith is register with relevant law enforcement agencies.

5) []Camden Locksmith operate in London[/]: it is essential to check prior to the installation which areas are covered.


Well many people might not know that locksmiths doesnít only perform work of opening door lock or make replacement key, but they do install high security system at residential or commercial places too. You have mentioned a good point in your topic that there are many burglar locksmiths out there in the market as well that doesnít prove effective and cause damage to your property. Hence itís important to deal with one who is trustworthy and genuine. Being in New York, I can suggest you one credible locksmith company called that helped me when I got stuck outside my car in dark night. So in your place, you can take referrals from your friends and relatives to come across the genuine one. 

Katelyn I'm going to have to differ with you.

There might be "some" locksmiths that install alarm systems but the vast majority of them do not. Locksmithing is more of a mechanical trade and typically has very little in common with the electronics involved with installing alarm systems. And if a locksmith company does by chance offer alarm installations, it usually means that they have an alarm company who they work with who will do the installation. Not saying that there isn't someone out there but ..... I've never met or heard of someone who was sufficiently proficient at installing both alarms and locks

 Assuming that just because locksmiths are involved with security so they can install alarm systems is like saying that a policeman is also a good authority on alarm systems.

My credentials are ..... 45 years installing alarm systems.


--- Quote ---I've never met or heard of someone who was sufficiently proficient at installing both alarms and locks
--- End quote ---
That's very true! A locksmith company and an alarm company might just opt for mutual business support and proceed with such kinda strategy. However, they both have to live up to each other's reputation and the market standard.


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