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Author Topic: Read Before Resetting Panel  (Read 12709 times)


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Read Before Resetting Panel
« on: November 18, 2009, 12:26:00 PM »
This is a warning about resetting alarm panels: DIYer’s read on!

I find myself frequently reading posts about people who have “reset” or “defaulted” their panels. It seems as though in many cases these panels have been defaulted because of repeated false alarms or some kind of trouble condition. These issues are normally related to tamper conditions, low batteries, damaged wiring, faulty components or just plain poor installation. In short, something is askew with the hardware.
Resetting or defaulting an alarm is not like restarting your computer; it is more like reformatting the HD.  If you reset your panel, you will have to reprogram every option, every feature, every zone, every attribute, every label, every reporting code, every access code, every phone number, EVERYTHING!

Be it with or without the help of the knowledgeable people here you may even manage to decipher the “written for pros” programming manual, fumble through all the terminology, avoid undocumented pitfalls, figure out the programming process and press buttons endlessly.  With a little luck, you will get your system software configured close to the way it was. In the end though, I can almost guarantee that your original problem will still remain because it is more than likely hardware related! Case in point:

There are situations when defaulting is the solution, but most times it is not. If you are having a problem with your system and can accurately describe it in a post, chances are we can help.

I sincerely hope this will save someone some unnecessary grief.
I have all the answers . . . some of them are correct.


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