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Author Topic: New House, Existing Alarm, Want to Monitor with Alarm Relay  (Read 3494 times)


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New House, Existing Alarm, Want to Monitor with Alarm Relay
« on: January 06, 2010, 11:38:44 AM »
Greetings all!

I am in the process of closing on a house in Florida, which has an existing alarm I would like to have monitored by Alarm Relay via broadband.

The HOA provides (includes with fees :-) ) DSL, so it will already be at the house, however I run into a bit of a problem.  I will only be at the house for an extended weekend, and I want to setup the alarm during that time.  I am awaiting a response from Alarm Relay to see if they will send me the broadband adapter in advance, so I can connect it to the system, and set it up when I arrive.

I do not know the model of the alarm, and from my pictures can only see that it has honeywell branded keypads, yeah I know, not a lot of help.  The alarm was put in when the house was built in 2005.  Other than that, I am not able to find out the model.

Is this feasible for them to send the adapter?  I assume that they will just use a linksys adapter, similar to

Anyone else that uses broadband with Alarm relay that can shed some light on the situation



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