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Author Topic: Need help- Bought home and do not have code for Moose ZXLCD or ZXLED12 pad  (Read 4030 times)


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Hi Gang,
I recently bought a home which has a security system that is controlled by 2 Moose pads.
I have a ZXLCD downstairs, and a ZXLED12 pad upstairs.
So about 2 months ago, I had a new electrical service installed in the home (power was off for 2  days, and electrician pulled battery to quiet the system.

Now I can't access either control pad.
When I try to access the code I enter is invalid
How do I reset the code without knowing the present code?
I am also getting a bunch of error codes (com code, fire alarm codoe, etc)
thanks for any help
Phil B

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Re: Need help- Bought home and do not have code for Moose ZXLCD or ZXLED12 pad
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2010, 07:08:40 PM »
Those are keypad model numbers.  What's the model number of the actual system?  That's the control panel, usually in the basement near the circuit breaker panel.  Sounds like you have either a Moose ZX200 or ZX400.

Is the system monitored?  Remember, on these, you need to press the off/cancel button and then your code.

I've gotten into trouble with these when a user code is unknown.  I had to tear out and replace a ZX200 that was perfectly functioning, because the keypad medical alert button was pressed and the system couldn't be reset because nobody knew a user code, and the installer code would only silence, not reset the system.  Do not arm the system or create an alarm until you're sure you have a user code that can disarm.

Both panels - ZX200 and ZX400 are relatively easy to program and include a programming option that will revert the master code back to the default 1245.  The ZX400 is slightly more complicated, but it can still be done.  You'll need the installer code to access the program. 

A loss of AC and battery power shouldn't cause the programming in these to get corrupted, but, I've seen them do weird things for no reason.  Had to replace another ZX200 because the installer code, which I had programmed merely 3 weeks prior, no longer worked, and the user code didn't allow access.  Unfortunately, Moose got lost and forgotten in a series of acquisitions and they became a legacy product line of GE.  the equipment is no longer manufactured and there is no tech support available.
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