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Author Topic: Central monitoring based on SMS only  (Read 4652 times)


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Central monitoring based on SMS only
« on: May 20, 2012, 07:25:45 AM »
I'm looking for alarm monitoring companies in U.S. that can provide central monitoring to our customers based on SMS sent by our control panel.

My company ( makes DIY security alarm systems with inbuilt GSM dialer (no landline) and promote self-monitoring. However, some of our customers insist on getting central monitoring. So the easiest way for us is to change our control panel software such that it will send customized SMS to central monitoring station, who will then take action based on content/sender of SMS.


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Re: Central monitoring based on SMS only
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2012, 10:24:37 AM »
You need to re-design your product to support the standard alarm protocol that monitoring station receivers are capable of understanding.  At a minimum you need to implement CID (Contact ID).

(revised 7-9-2004)
Contact ID reporting takes the following format:
CCCC = customer (subscriber account number)
Q = event qualifier, E = new event, R = restore
EEE = event code
GG = partition number, 00-08 (always 00 for non-partitioned panels)
ZZZ = zone ID number reporting the alarm (001-099), or user number for open/close reports.
* System status messages (i.e. AC Loss, Low Battery) contain zeros in the ZZZ location.

EVENT QUALIFIER Event or Restore E or R
ZONE OR USER # C000 or U000

100 Medical Emerg-Personal Emergency-#
101 Pendant Transmitter Emerg-Personal Emergency-#
102 Fail to report in Emerg-Fail to check in-#
110 FIRE Fire-Fire Alarm-#
111 SMOKE Fire-Fire Alarm-#
112 Combustion Fire-Combustion-#
113 WATERFLOW Fire-Water Flow -#
114 Heat Fire-Heat Sensor-#
115 Pull Station Fire-Pull Station-#
116 Duct Fire-Duct Sensor-#
117 Flame Fire-Flame Sensor-#
118 Near Alarm Fire-Near Alarm -#
120 Panic Alarm Panic-Panic-#
121 DURESS Panic-Duress- User 000, or duress zone number on low end panels
122 SILENT Panic-Silent Panic-#
123 AUDIBLE Panic-Audible Panic-#
124 Duress-Access Granted Panic-Duress Access Grant-#
125 Duress-Egress Granted Panic-Duress Egress Grant-#
130 Burglary Burg-Burglary-#
131 PERIMETER Burg-Perimeter-#
132 INTERIOR Burg-Interior-#
133 24 HR BURG (AUX) Burg-24 Hour-#
Alarm Device Manufacturing Company, 180 Michael Drive, Syosset, Long Island, NY 11791 2
134 ENTRY/EXIT Burg-Entry/Exit-#
135 DAY/NIGHT Burg-Day/Night-#
136 Outdoor Burg-Outdoor-#
137 TAMPER Burg-Tamper-#
138 Near Alarm Burg-Near Alarm-#
139 Intrusion Verifier Burg-Intrusion Verifier-#
140 General Alarm Alarm-General Alarm-#
141 Polling Loop Open Alarm-Polling Loop Open
142 POLLING LOOP SHORT (AL) Alarm-Polling Loop Short
143 EXPANSION MOD FAILURE Alarm-Exp. Module Tamper-#
144 Sensor Tamper Alarm-Sensor Tamper-#
145 Expansion Module Tamper Alarm-Exp. Module Tamper-#
146 SILENT BURG Burg-Silent Burglary-#
147 Sensor Supervision Trouble – Sensor Super. -#
150 24 HOUR (AUXILIARY) Alarm-24 Hr. Non-Burg-#
151 Gas Detected Alarm-Gas Detected-#
152 Refrigeration Alarm-Refrigeration-#
153 Loss of Heat Alarm-Heating System-#
154 Water Leakage Alarm-Water Leakage-#
155 Foil Break Trouble-Foil Break-#
156 Day Trouble Trouble-Day Zone-#
157 Low Bottled Gas Level Alarm-Low Gas Level-#
158 High Temp Alarm-High Temperature-#
159 Low Temp Alarm-Low Temperature-#
161 Loss of Air Flow Alarm-Air Flow-#
162 Carbon Monoxide Detected Alarm-Carbon Monoxide-#
163 Tank Level Trouble-Tank Level-#
200 FIRE SUPERVISORY Super.-Fire Supervisory-#
201 Low Water Pressure Super-Low Water Pressure-#
202 Low CO2 Super.-Low CO2-#
203 Gate Valve Sensor Super.-Gate Valve-#
204 Low Water Level Super.-Low Water Level-#
205 Pump Activated Super.-Pump Activation-#
206 Pump Failure Super.-Pump Failure-#
300 System Trouble Trouble-System Trouble
301 AC LOSS Trouble-AC Power
302 LOW SYSTEM BATT Trouble-Low Battery (AC is lost, battery is getting low)
303 RAM Checksum Bad Trouble-Bad RAM Checksum (Restore Not Applicable)
304 ROM Checksum Bad Trouble-Bad ROM Checksum (Restore Not Applicable)
305 SYSTEM RESET Trouble-System Reset (Restore Not Applicable)
306 PANEL PROG CHANGE Trouble-Programming Changed (Restore Not Applicable)
307 Self-Test Failure Trouble-Self Test Failure
308 System Shutdown Trouble-System Shutdown
309 Battery Test Fail Trouble-Battery Test Failure (Battery failed at test interval)
310 GROUND FAULT Trouble-Ground Fault-#
311 Battery Missing Trouble-Battery Missing
312 Power Supply Overcurent Trouble-Pwr. Supp. Overcur.-#
313 Engineer Reset Status-Engineer Reset – User # (Restore Not Applicable)
314 Primary Power Supply Failure Trouble – Pri Pwr Supply Fail - #
Alarm Device Manufacturing Company, 180 Michael Drive, Syosset, Long Island, NY 11791 3
320 SOUNDER / RELAY Trouble-Sounder/Relay-#
321 BELL 1 Trouble-Bell/Siren #1 (Event an Restore)
322 BELL 2 Trouble-Bell/Siren #2 (Event an Restore)
323 Alarm Relay Trouble-Alarm Relay
324 Trouble Relay Trouble-Trouble Relay
325 Reversing Relay Trouble-Reversing Relay
326 Notification Appliance Ckt. # 3 Trouble-Notification Appl. Ckt#3
327 Notification Appliance Ckt. # 4 Trouble-Notification Appl. Ckt#4
R330 System Peripheral (E355) Trouble-Sys. Peripheral-# From LRR, ECP data connection to panel.
331 Polling Loop Open Trouble-Polling Loop Open
332 POLLING LOOP SHORT Trouble-Polling Loop Short
333 Exp. Module Failure (353) Trouble-Exp. Module Fail-# ECP Path problem between panel to LRR, etc (new)
334 Repeater Failure Trouble-Repeater Failure-#
335 Local Printer Paper Out Trouble-Printer Paper Out
336 Local Printer Failure Trouble-Local Printer
337 EXP. MOD. DC LOSS Trouble-Exp. Mod. DC Loss-#
338 EXP. MOD. LOW BAT Trouble-Exp. Mod. Low Batt-#
339 EXP. MOD. RESET Trouble-Exp. Mod. Reset-#
341 EXP. MOD. TAMPER Trouble-Exp. Mod. Tamper-# (5881ENHC)
342 Exp. Module AC Loss Trouble-Exp. Module AC Loss-#
343 Exp. Module Self Test Fail Trouble-Exp. Self-Test Fail-#
344 RF Rcvr Jam Detect # Trouble-RF Rcvr Jam Detect-#
350 Communication Trouble-Communication Failure
351 TELCO 1 FAULT Trouble-Phone line # 1 Comes in as zone 1 on a V20P panel
352 TELCO 2 FAULT Trouble-Phone Line # 2
353 LR Radion Xmitter Fault (333) Trouble-Radio Transmitter – Comm Path problem between panel and lrr (0ld)
354 FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE Trouble-Fail to Communicate
E355 Loss of Radio Super. (R330) Trouble-Radio Supervision – From LRR - ECP data connection to panel
356 Loss of Central Polling Trouble-Central Radion Polling
357 LRR XMTR. VSWR Trouble-Radio Xmitter. VSWR-#
370 Protection Loop Trouble-Protection Loop-# (zone type 19)
Note: Uplink cell backup devices send zone 99 for a low battery and a zone 97 for communication failure (no response from poll). These will
report as contact ID E370 (protection loop). let me clarify this: these are signals GENERATED by the uplink to indicate STATUS of the uplink.
Of course, central station will assume that they were generated by the panel. Additional codes that may be sent would be for zones 81-86
which correspond to hardwire inputs 1-6. The contact ID message for these is selected by uplink when it is programmed. So, next time
someone reports an unusual zone 97 or 99 being reported to their Central Station, Uplink may be the culprit. Uplink's number is 1-888-987-
5465 if you need it.
371 Protection Loop Open Trouble-Prot. Loop Open-#
372 Protection Loop Short Trouble-Prot. Loop Short-#
373 FIRE TROUBLE Trouble-Fire Loop-# (Supervision Loss,base tamper, Supervisory open)
374 EXIT ERROR (BY USER) Alarm-Exit Error-#
375 Panic Zone Trouble Trouble-PA Trouble-#
376 Hold-Up Zone Trouble Trouble-Hold-Up Trouble-#
377 Swinger Trouble Trouble – Swinger Trouble-#
378 Cross-zone Trouble Trouble – Cross Zone Trouble - # (restore not applicable)
380 SENSOR TRBL - GLOBAL Trouble-Sensor Trouble-#
381 LOSS OF SUPERVISION Trouble-RF Sensor Super.-#
382 LOSS OF SUPRVSN Trouble-RPM Sensor Super.-#
383 SENSOR TAMPER Trouble-Sensor Tamper-#
384 RF LOW BATTERY Trouble-RF Sensor Battery-#
385 SMOKE HI SENS. Trouble-Smoke Hi Sens.-#
Alarm Device Manufacturing Company, 180 Michael Drive, Syosset, Long Island, NY 11791 4
386 SMOKE LO SENS. Trouble-Smoke Lo Sens.-#
-387 INTRUSION HI SENS. Trouble-Intrusion Hi Sens.-#
-388 INTRUSION LO SENS. Trouble-Intrusion Lo Sens.-# - These codes are similar to those used for smart
smoke detectors. The idea is to report a problem developing in the detector’s operation.
389 DET. SELF TEST FAIL Trouble-Sensor Test Fail-#
391 Sensor Watch Failure Trouble-Sensor Watch Fail-#
392 Drift Comp. Error Trouble-Drift Comp. Error-# - Reported by Firelite panels. The panel is not able
to adjust its thresholds to balance out drift in the normal operating point of a smoke detetctor.
393 Maintenance Alert Trouble-Maintenance Alert-#
400 Open/Close Opening/Closing E = Open, R = Close
401 OPEN/CLOSE BY USER Opening-User # / Closing-User #
402 Group O/C Closing-Group User #
403 AUTOMATIC OPEN/CLOSE Opening-Automatic / Closing-Automatic
404 Late to O/C Opening-Late / Closing-Late
405 Deferred O/C Event & Restore Not Applicable
406 CANCEL (BY USER) Opening-Cancel
407 REMOTE ARM/DISARM Opening-Remote / Closing-Remote
408 QUICK ARM Event Not Applicable for opening / Closing-Quick Arm
409 KEYSWITCH OPEN/CLOSE Opening-Keyswitch / Closing-Keyswitch
435 Second Person Access ACCESS – User #
436 Irregular Access ACCESS – Irregular Access – User #
441 Armed Stay Opening-Armed Stay / Closing-Armed Stay
442 Keyswitch Armed Stay Opening-Keysw. Arm Stay / Opening-Keysw. Arm Stay
450 Exception O/C Opening-Exception / Closing-Exception
451 Early O/C Opening-Early / Closing-Early-User #
452 Late O/C Opening-Late / Closing-Late-User #
453 Failed to Open Trouble-Fail to open (Restore not applicable)
454 Failed to Close Trouble-Fail to Close (Restore not applicable)
455 Auto-Arm Failed Trouble-Auto Arm Failed (Restore not applicable)
456 Partial Arm Closing-Partial arm-User #
457 Exit Error (User) Closing-Exit Error-User #
458 User on Premises Opening-User on Prem. – User #
459 Recent Close Trouble-Recent Close – User # (Restore not applicable)
461 Wrong Code Entry Access – Wrong Code entry (Restore not applicable)
462 Legal Code Entry Acces-Legal Code entry – user # (Restore not applicable)
463 Re-arm after Alarm Status-Re Arm After Alarm-User # (restore not applicable)
464 Auto Arm Time Extended Status-Auto Arm Time Ext. – User # (Restore not applicable)
465 Panic Alarm Reset Status-PA Reset (Restore not applicable)
466 Service On/Off Premises Access – Service on Prem – User #
Access – Service off Prem – User #
411 CALLBACK REQUESTED Remote-Callback Requested (No Restore) Enabled with O/C reports
412 Success-Download/access Remote-Successful Access (Restore Not Appllicable)
413 Unsuccessful Access Remote-Unsuccessful Access (Restore Not Applicable)
414 System Shutdown Remote-System Shutdown
415 Dialer Shutdown Remote-Dialer Shutdown
416 Successful Upload Remote-Successful Upload (Restore Not Applicable)
421 Access Denied Access-Access Denied-User # (Restore Not Applicable)
422 Access Report by User Access-Access Gained –User# (Restore Not Applicable)
423 Forced Access Panic-Forced Access-#
424 Egress Denied Access-Egress Denied (Restore Not Applicable)
425 Egress Granted Access-Egress Granted-# (Restore Not Applicable)
426 Access Door Propped Open Access-Door Propped Open-#
427 Access Point DSM Trouble Access-ACS Point DSM Trbl.-#
Alarm Device Manufacturing Company, 180 Michael Drive, Syosset, Long Island, NY 11791 5
428 Access Point RTE Trouble Access-ACS Point RTE Trbl.-#
429 Access Program Mode Entry Access-ACS Prog. Entry-User # (Restore Not Applicable)
430 Access Program Mode Exit Access-ACS Prog. Exit-User # (Restore Not Applicable)
431 Access Threat Level Change Access-ACS Threat Level Chg.
432 Access Relay/Trigger Fail Access-ACS Relay/Trig. Fail-#
433 Access RTE Shunt Access-ACS RTE Shunt-#
434 Access DSM Shunt Access-ACS DSM Shunt-#
501 Access Reader Disable Disable-Access Rdr. Disable-#
520 Sounder/Relay Disable Disable-Sounder/Relay-#
521 Bell 1 Disable Disable-Bell/Siren # 1
522 Bell 2 Disable Disable-Bell/Siren # 2
523 Alarm Relay Disable Disable-Alarm Relay
524 Trouble Relay Disable Disable-Trouble Relay
525 Reversing Relay Disable Disable-Reversing Relay
526 Notification Appliance Ckt # 3 Disable-Notification Appl. Ckt#3
527 Notification Appliance Ckt # 4 Disable-Notification Appl. Ckt#4
531 Module Added Super.-Module Added (Restore Not Applicable)
532 Module Removed Super.-Module Removed (Restore Not Applicable)
551 Dialer Disabled Disable-Dialer Disable
552 Radio Xmitter Disabled Disable-Radio Disable
553 Remote Upload/Download Disable-Rem. Up/download Disable
570 ZONE/SENSOR BYPASS Bypass-Zone Bypass-#
571 Fire Bypass Bypass-Fire Bypass-#
572 24 Hour Zone Bypass Bypass-24 Hour Bypass-#
573 Burg. Bypass Bypass-Burg. Bypass-#
574 Group Bypass Bypass-Group Bypass-User #
575 SWINGER BYPASS Bypass-Swinger Bypass-#
576 Access Zone Shunt Access-ACS Zone Shunt-#
577 Access Point Bypass Access-ACS Point Bypass-#
578 Zone Bypass Bypass – Vault Bypass - #
579 Zone Bypass Bypass – Vent Zone Bypass - #
601 MANUAL TEST Test-Manually Triggered (Restore Not Applicable)
602 PERIODIC TEST Test-Periodic (Restore Not Applicable
603 Periodic RF Xmission Test-Periodic Radio (Restore Not Applicable)
604 FIRE TEST Test-Fire Walk Test-User #
605 Status Report To Follow Test-Fire Walk Test-User #
606 LISTEN-IN TO FOLLOW Listen-Listen-In Active (Restore Not Applicble)
607 WALK-TEST MODE Test-Walk Test Mode-User #
608 System Trouble Present Test-System Trouble Present (Restore Not Applicable)
609 VIDEO XMTR ACTIVE Listen-Video Xmitter Active (Restore Not Applicable)
611 POINT TESTED OK Test-Point Tested OK-# (Restore Not Applicable)
612 POINT NOT TESTED Test-Point Not Tested-# (Restore Not Applicable)
613 Intrusion Zone Walk Tested Test-TntrnZone Walk Test-# (Restore Not Applicable)
614 Fire Zone Walk Tested Test-Fire Zone Walk Test-# (Restore Not Applicable)
615 Panic Zone Walk Tested Test-PA Zone Walk Test (Restore Not Applicable)
616 Service Request Trouble-Service Request
Alarm Device Manufacturing Company, 180 Michael Drive, Syosset, Long Island, NY 11791 6
621 EVENT LOG RESET Trouble-Event Log Reset (Restore Not Applicable)
622 EVENT LOG 50% FULL Trouble-Event Log 50% Full (Restore Not Applicable)
623 EVENT LOG 90% FULL Trouble-Event Log 90% Full (Restore Not Applicable)
624 EVENT LOG OVERFLOW Trouble-Event Log Overflow (Restore Not Applicable)
625 TIME/DATE RESET Trouble-Time/Date Reset-User # (Restore Not Applicable)
626 TIME/DATE INACCURATE Trouble-Time/Date Invalid (clock not stamping to log correctly)
627 PROGRAM MODE ENTRY Trouble-Program Mode Entry (Restore Not Applicable)
628 PROGRAM MODE EXIT Trouble-Program Mode Exit (Restore Not Applicable
630 Schedule Change Trouble-Schedule Changed (Restore Not Applicable)
631 Exception Sched. Change Trouble-Esc. Sched. Changed (Restore Not Applicable)
632 Access Schedule Change Trouble-Access Sched. Changed (Restore Not Applicable)
641 Senior Watch Trouble Trouble-Senior Watch Trouble – This code is also refered to as ‘up and about’. It
means that a person has not moved about their home for a preset period of time.
642 Latch-key Supervision Status-Latch-key Super-User # (Restore Not Applicable) Used to report when a
certain user has returned home and disarmed the alarm.
651 Code sent to Identify the control panel as an ADT Authorized Dealer.
750-789 These codes are use by Protection One and can be assigned any unique non-standard
Event code, which Pro 1 will be tracking. Also can be used on custom zone types.
654 System Inactivity Trouble – System Inactivity
900 Download Abort Remote – Download Abort (Restore not applicable)
901 Download Start/End Remote – Download Start - #
Remote – Download End - #
902 Download Interrupted Remote – Download Interrupt - #
910 Auto-Close with Bypass Closing – Auto Close – Bypass - #
911 Bypass Closing Closing – Bypass Closing - #
999 1 and 1/3 DAY NO READ LOG EVENT LOG ONLY, No report to CS. V20/lynx series
or May occur in Vista-50 family after a download is done where
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