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I just want it to go away!

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I recently purchased a home where the previous owners has a security system. The sign in the yard said Guardian Security Systems. I wasn't too concerned about it since I elected to NOT to sign up for it. Well, I happen to live in Tulsa (tornado alley) and recently lost power during a storm.

NOW I AM CONCERNED!!!  THE ALARM WENT OFF in 3 modes. First a light beeping, then a louder more annoying alarm which lead to the last excruciating, full blown alarm that killed my ears and my dogs!

So I called Guardian to ask them to remove their equipment. They said the previous owners had purchased the equipment and they could not.

ALL I WANT IS TO MAKE SURE THE ALARM DOESN'T GO OFF when my poor dog is home alone. Since then, the power went off again and i figured out that I could push 8 and 1 (code key and off key) to stop the alarm sound. But my poor dog will not know how to do that.  :-[

All I know about the equipment is that the control panel says Honeywell M7240 Rev. C.

Can anyone tell me how to uninstall it or deactivate even when the power goes out?

Think of the cruelty to animals!!!!!

Thank you for any and all help!

Sterling Donnelly:
You should be able to unplug the backup battery inside the beige metal can and unplug the transformer (power supply plugged into normal wall outlet) to fully power down the system so it won't go off.

OK I might need help with that too....(and yes I am blonde)....but where would that be? I have no basement and I have looked in all the closets...including the hot water closet and nothing. Additionally there is no landline here if that matters at all.


Sterling Donnelly:
You may also have an all-in-one wireless system. If so, there is no beige can because everything is housed in the main control panel. If that was the case, you just need to pop open the case (should be two tabs along the top) and then remove the battery and unplug the transformer.

If it came down to it, you could call almost ANY alarm company, electrician or handyman and they will willingly come to your home to disconnect the system - why the original company refused is unclear to me, unless you weren't willing to pay them for the service.


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