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Author Topic: Camera for night time use  (Read 1909 times)

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Camera for night time use
« on: October 08, 2013, 03:02:03 PM »
Hey all.

I have a specific scenario I was hoping you could help me with.

We need a camera that can give an decent image for night time viewing to show the weather conditions outside our building.  This is so the maintenance folks know if they need to come in earlier to plow the snow, salt the sidewalks, etc.  It seems simple but we have a budget so can spend a lot of money on something expensive unless there really is no adequate solution at a decent price.
We had a camera that went dead that seemed adequate and had lasted about three years.  The new replacement gives too grainy a picture at night even when set for night time viewing (which helps but not by much).

Here is the location/scenario.

The camera is mounted inside, a few inches away from and facing out of a glass door on the third floor of our building.  It faces North angled towards part of the building sidewalk and the large parking area.  There are some tall mercury lamp posts in the parking area (can these help or hinder the camera's view?).

This needs to be an IP camera.

What qualities should I look for in cameras or which specific models would you suggest to get a decently clear nighttime picture of the weather.  The distance and lighting might be part of the problem but they did have solution before with the first camera they had.  It was so old, though, that I don't have any specs on the camera.

The first camera they had that seemed to be decent was an Axis 206.  The one they have now is a Panasonic BL-C140A and seemed ok (after setting it for nightime viewing) at one point but no longer seems adequate.

Thanks in advance.


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