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Author Topic: Benefits of alarm monitoring?  (Read 5740 times)


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Re: Benefits of alarm monitoring?
« Reply #15 on: October 14, 2013, 08:46:36 PM »
most of the members on this forum - if not all, who offer advice are industry professionals who have been doing this for a living.  we're not the lick-and-stick trunkslammers who install a Lynx or 2gig panel and sensors in half an hour, and take off.

Those types of companies are hurting the security industry, as a whole, in a bad way.  It's not just affecting the consumer, it's every experienced trade tech who does this to keep the mortgage paid.   Each time I hear "well I went with the Verizon Fios security", I die a little more on the inside.  that's not security.  that's expanded RMR for a telephone company.

We talked about this in depth last week at a convention held by a local monitoring center/dealer in Hagerstown, MD.  Was anyone there?

That's so wrong. I like 2GIG.

As for local Hagetstown dealer/CS who is it? The only locals I know I wouldn't use myself...
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