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Author Topic: Issues connecting older VGA IP cameras to newer HD (720/1080P) NVR  (Read 2579 times)


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I have 3 older Trendnet IP Cameras, IP-422, IP-410 and IP-110W on my home network. They work fine, can connect and access them via webpage and also using an app on my smartphone (when on the local network). They are not shared via DDNS yet, but if and when I do, they all have updated firmware so no UPnP hacking issues.

I just purchased and installed a NVR like this ( but cannot get it to see the video from any cameras. I can log in to it from a computer so I know I've got the network settings in correctly. But it doesn't see any cameras in a scan or if I put in the IP addresses manually. I've contacted the seller/mfr but the language issues are not helping.

I think I should see the cameras in it's interface but I'm wondering if the newer NVR's are not backward compatible for VGA camera outputs. They advertize HD, but the lowest settings I can pick in the software are 720x526 (30fps) and the highest output from the cameras is 640x480 (30 fps).

Anyone have similar hardware or any more insight for possible solutions? Maybe a hacked Linux distro of the NVR software so I can manual lower the resolution?

The NVR was the cheapest solution for accessing all the cameras (I don't have a spare computer to run all the time with software), but I wonder if there is older hardware solutions that could work.


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