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Author Topic: DSC success story  (Read 2233 times)


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DSC success story
« on: October 20, 2014, 03:50:14 PM »
We own a small cabin in the local mountains.  We didn't have any problems until December of last year. Over the course of six month, there were several break-ins around our cabin.  Toward the end of the six months our cabin hit.  We don't keep much in the cabin, but they did get most of my power tools.  The Sheriff department has four officers, and they patrol about six communities.  Response time is not very good.  I decided I wanted to install quality system and self monitor it.  I found a DSC 1616 wireless kit and the Envisalink EVL3 and it appeared to be perfect for out situation.

I ordered the kit with a few extra accessories.  Whlle I was waiting for it to be delivered I read many posts on this site, and a couple other Internet pages. When the kit arrived at my house, I configured it in my home office and programmed it.  When I was happy with the configuration, I took it up to the cabin and installed it completely in about half a day.  I ran into a small problem during the installation.  I posted something on this site, and proceeded to clean up my tools.  When I was done, there was an answer to my question that resolved the issue.

I'm pleased to report the alarm is working great.  My wife is pleased with the installation and how the system operates.  We can both monitor and arm/disarm the system from our computers and mobile devices.  There haven't been any break-ins in the area lately.  We both feel better knowing that our cabin is more secure.

DIY Security Forum and the individuals that ask and answer questions was an invaluable resource.  Installling and programming would have been much hard had I not found this forum.  Thanks everyone!!!!


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