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Author Topic: 100 Yr old house and basically no budget.  (Read 1950 times)


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100 Yr old house and basically no budget.
« on: November 29, 2014, 05:03:39 PM »

First off, let me say what a great forum this is. I have learned tons about security systems based on this website. Because of that, if possible, I would like your input on what kind of equipment I should get. I have read several articles but am not sure.

I live in a 100 yr old home that started off as a town home. It is basically set up kind of like the 6 dots on dice. The first three dots are on the ground floor, with a walk out basement downstairs. I have 9 windows floor level and 3 doors I want alarmed. That's the pretty basic part. I'm thinking of using 2 motion detectors (Monitoring the front room and the side entrance, maybe get a 3rd for the basement.) and 3 window break sensors until I can afford to get magnetic window sensors. I would also like two cameras. Now, I don't have a phone line in my house, but I do have a smartphone (Millennial), so I would have to have something web-based (I do have Internet at home, just no phone line). Due to the age of the house, I can't hard wire anything in without having to do major wall repair. I'm sure anyone here working with century old plaster knows exactly what I mean. It is so brittle that one time my wife just hammered in a nail to hang a picture and took about a dollar sized chunk out. So hard-wiring the house would be way to expensive, I definitely want to go wireless.

I am by no means a security guy, but I am a bit of a techie so I know the tech is out there to do what I have in mind. I would like it so that if an alarm goes off, I get a notification on my phone via an alarm which would allow me than to turn on the cameras and view what is going on and than make the call to the police if needed. Since Google has taken down Appmaker, I can't just program it myself. I really am only looking for while I am away from home, not anything to automatically call the cops or fire.

The other thing I'm going to face is a budget issue. I am basically living on beans and rice right now. I can't afford any kind of monthly fees. I have to do self monitoring.

I understand I am asking for a lot for a little, but do you guys have any suggestions for a guy like me?


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