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Author Topic: DSC Power 1832 vs. Honeywell Vista 20P + Automation  (Read 4569 times)


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DSC Power 1832 vs. Honeywell Vista 20P + Automation
« on: December 08, 2014, 05:31:42 PM »
Hello everyone,
I'm currently building my first home, and I'm trying to decide on security+automation. In my condo, I used INSTEON with the INSTEON hub, along with an IP camera. I'm not looking to move into security, and increased automation, but I'm having trouble finding a comprehensive system that will give me what I want.

My ultimate goal is to have one iPhone/iPad app through which I can control my INSTEON and ZWAVE devices, arm/disarm the security system and view IP cameras. I'd like to trigger scenes based on arm/disarm commands.

I'm purchasing an ISY994 INSTEON+ZWAVE controller from Universal-Devices to control both INSTEON and ZWAVE devices, control lighting scenes and control via iPhone and iPad. Mobilinc has a great interface for ISY, but only directly interfaces with ELK security systems. A guy, known as io_guy, created an application called DSClink that allows the ISY to interface with the alarm by creating favorites in Mobilinc that trigger networks events that will arm/disarm the DSC.

I'm not all that familiar with Vera, but does the Vera interface nicely with the Vista 20p panels? I read about TotalConnect, but it's a monthly subscription service that turns the Vista into an automation controller, but I would imagine that it's capabilities are limited as an automation controller?

Are there any other systems out there that I should consider? I did read in one forum where you can set the 2GIG panel as a secondary ZWAVE controller.

Below are the packages that I've put together with the DSC and Vista 20P. The price below each one are simply quotes from

Panel: PowerSeries 1832
Keypad: PTK5507W 7" Touchscreen
Wireless Receiver: TR5164-433 2-way Receiver
Door Sensors (3): ION PLUNGER-D
Window Sensors (4): ION MICRA-D
Motion (1): WS4904P
Glass Break (1): WLS912L-433
Self-Monitoring: Envisalink EVL-3
HomeSecurityStore Total:  941.94

Keypad: Tuxedo TUXWIFIS with WiFi
Wireless Receiver: Ademo 5800 Wireless Receiver
Door Sensors (3): 5800MICRA
Window Sensors (4): 5800MICRA
Motion (1): 5800PIR-RES
Glass Break (1): 5853
Self-Monitoring: Envisalink EVL-3
HomeSecurityStore Total:  1195.02
I guess if I can't find a security system that is able to be controlled by an automation controller, such as the ISY994 or the Vera, I may just end up doing something simple and completely self-contained, like the iSmart Alarm, SimpliSafe or 2GIG.


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