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can someone tell me if this turret camera can be mounted on the top of my garage which is an inverted-V?


Anything can be mounted anywhere, just a matter of how much it is going to cost!

As for who can mount anything anywhere, some people are more skilled at making custom wood pieces which would hold something to be mounted somewhere. Others can do welding of metal brackets or know how to go to a welder to get a bracket made. People would have the tools to do these various things - saws, welders, drills, drill bits, ladders, etc.

And then some do-it-yourself types may not have much of any tools or skills to mount things and would need detailed directions as to how to mount it - best in that case if the camera is specifically made to be mounted on the top of a roof peak, but I don't recall any that are.

Do you want it on TOP of the roof? And to be able to look around an entire circle?

Or on top of the roof and just look out say half a circle? (A mounting bracket could be behind it.)

Or mounted on the wall high up?

will work.

How about the camera itself? Anybody got any feedback or I should look into another turet camera? Plan to run blue iris at first to see how much my computer can handle and if it cannot do the job, I'll get a hikvision NVR

Also, would a bullet camera be better on top of the garage? It needs to see the back of the house and the driveway - about a 90 degree view

I would recommend buying one camera, then temporarily mounting it in various locations - see what it can see day/night.

THEN based on that, decide what further you want to purchase. Everybody always winds up moving their cameras to different locations from where they first thought it would be a good place to mount them.

For example lights shining into the camera at night can cause trouble or maybe not. You pretty much need to try them here and there and see what it looks like on the monitor.


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