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Author Topic: Quoting customers: Do I list labor separate in itemized quote?  (Read 983 times)


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Hi all,

My employer lets me do installations for family/friends on the side and sells me parts at cost.  I then give those parts to my "customers" (family/friends) at cost, plus reasonable labor charges.

I'm doing this more and more, and was just wondering if it's standard to list labor separate in a quote, or if I should include it in the price I quote them for the parts?



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Re: Quoting customers: Do I list labor separate in itemized quote?
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2017, 07:31:09 PM »
When I got quotes they were parts+labor from every vendor I talked to..

It's cleaner that way, but if you want to get it all out in the open so they can see you aren't taking them for a ride you can split them up... If your only doing this for people you know fairly well it probably doesn't mater that much..


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Re: Quoting customers: Do I list labor separate in itemized quote?
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2017, 10:56:26 PM »
I do not include labor on my quotes, but it's a different situation.  I maintain the clients under monitoring agreements (full service company).  I price the average labor to install into the price for each item.  I do pass along savings from purchasing kits (i.e. panel, keypad, siren, 3 doors, 1 motion).  For example, $35 for a door/window contact.  This covers the cost of the contact, the cable and labor.  Sometimes I come out a little ahead, sometimes a little behind so it averages out.  Down the road, if one needs to be replaced, I'll often "discount" the parts if warranted as I do charge labor on service calls.  For friends / family, I'll typically discount a new install about 20%.
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Re: Quoting customers: Do I list labor separate in itemized quote?
« Reply #3 on: June 01, 2017, 01:56:32 AM »
I quote jobs a few different ways, dependent on the purpose.

Monitoring 3 year contract.

For quotes I will show all equipment, and labour required to install it, in a normal marked up fashion. I will then put a new customer discount line taking off the labour and the "basic package" price ie. 2x door switch 1 motion and panel w/keypad. This way i have done a few things, shown the customer my hourly rate for repairs or add ons, shown them this free install is really not that cheap ,and will take me time to make that money back and last It gives them an understanding on how much additional sensors cost if they need them. I will also put in the monitoring fee in that quote.

Install with no monitoring contract under 5000.

If the install is going to be around 5 grand or less and there is no discounts ie. big intrusion system, home automation, ip cameras ect. I give the customer full break down of parts needed for the job, minus things like screws elect boxes and such, i will usually tag on a shop supply charge of 50 bucks to cover small materials. This way customer gets to see what they are paying for.

Install over 5000.

I generally do either a small break down of the categories or put job in phases. For example, I will show a price for materials, and a price for required labour as long as the labour is easily figurable. Another thing i do for large jobs is do phases, Phase 1 Install equipment, get x amount of $$$ phase 2 program equipment and monitor, get x amount of cash$$$ phase there complete another install of different system get x amount of $$$.

Jobs that generally are around 25k-50k I  will do up a full plan of work required, parts required there location and there reason. i do not put pricing beside any item. I will only have one price that includes parts and labour. If the customer wants a better break down, then i will do it in big blocks, like intrusion is this much, cameras this much, and labour this much. generally on a big job like this, it is best to pad it with a few extra thousand. At the end of the job you re evaluate your quote and see if you can drop your quoted price down. Under budget jobs always get call backs.

I hope this brief break down on some of the ways i look at things help. In short, smaller jobs I show everything. installs under $1000 the home owner or business owner generally want to see how much they are in for with no surprises. higher paying jobs, they understand that they will be paying out more money for you to do a better job. I usually hide my labour estimate in with my equipment and make a 1 dollar amount qoute, incase im over estimating me labour.

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