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Author Topic: Keyscan Aurora upgrade thoughts  (Read 1898 times)


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Keyscan Aurora upgrade thoughts
« on: March 27, 2017, 06:47:51 AM »
I'm running Keyscan System 7 currently at my garage shop, the software works nice but it's not the friendliest to newer, inexperienced users. I have a budget plan this year to upgrade the main control boards, new readers, and new software. Basically my goal is to make the software easier to use for computer illiterate people since I will not be the only person using the software. I think I got a good 8 years out of the system I use now, so I'm due for an upgrade anyway. I'll upgrade even if it's not Keyscan.

So has anyone used Keyscan's Aurora software? What are your thoughts and opinions on other systems compared to Keyscan?

The hardware setup that I have now are as follows:
CA-8000 control units with a NETCOM2, the communications server is an Intel NUC i5 running windows server 2008. I have integrated my DSC alarm system with Keyscan quite a while ago since I like to make everything operate seamlessly.


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