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Author Topic: GE Concord 4 Mystery Police Panic from Remote  (Read 2157 times)


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GE Concord 4 Mystery Police Panic from Remote
« on: May 06, 2017, 06:20:57 AM »
6 years ago I installed a GE Concord 4 system with cellular backup and monitoring by LiveWatch/ It's worked pretty much flawlessly. Maintenance has included replacing a 2 sensors and various sensor batteries here and there when they die, which typically takes years. I just got a false alarm, and as indicated on the history: "Remote Control with Panic   Police Panic"   It was a mess, with the police arriving, writing a ticket, the monitoring service calling only as the police arrived with no opportunity to tell them not to come, etc.

This was in the middle in the night, and no one pressed the keypad panic button by mistake on any of the multiple hardwired keypads we have. I haven't used the remote key fobs that came with the alarm, ever...I'm not even sure where they are.

It's a mystery as to why the panic false alarm would happen. The only clue I have is that it says "Remote Control." Maybe acid leaked from a battery in one of these fobs we never used and onto the panic circuit?

Anyone else have any other possible or likely explanations?


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Re: GE Concord 4 Mystery Police Panic from Remote
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2017, 04:04:05 PM »
One possibility is that someone has erroneously programmed your account number on their system. Depending upon the make of their panel and it's programming options, it's possible that their intrusions alarms are reporting correctly and only their panic signals will report on your account number. it only takes one wrongly programmed digit in the account number to create the problem.

There's no easy way to find out if this is so ..... or not. If you don't find a cause for this event on your end, it might be a safe measure to change your central station reporting account number ..... and hope that is the cure to the problem.
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Re: GE Concord 4 Mystery Police Panic from Remote
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2017, 10:02:42 PM »
Most often this is seen when you throw the fobs in a drawer and forget about them.  Weeks / months / years later, you throw other things in that same drawer to the point of too much weight on the fobs, depressing the buttons and bingo...  false panic alarm.  Find those fobs, put your system on test with the central station, activate the panics to determine if it is the same reporting code / zone number.

For that matter, check your programming to see which zone number you have them programmed to and ask the central station for the zone that reported.  You can then tell them to change that zone to a "log only" in their database so that they do not dispatch on it again.
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