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Author Topic: Looking for a security system for integration  (Read 1345 times)


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Looking for a security system for integration
« on: May 27, 2017, 12:05:08 PM »
Hi, I'm working on a project where I need to integrate an alarm system with a warehouse/building automation system (mainly monitorable thermostats, door opening timers/controls/monitoring, motion detectors for lightning automation and so on, all built with ControlByWeb X-600 and X-300 series devices). I'd like to be able to reuse the same sensors (as all needed sensors already exists) to link the alarm system.

I needs the alarm system to be able to report it's state, through PGM-like outputs, RS-232 communication or whatever to be able to reports the panel state back to the X-600.

I have a couple of options to wire the sensors, I could re-route them to the alarm panel if the panel is able to output the real-time sensor states so I could wire them back to the X-600 input modules, or I could add to the X-600 some output modules to connect them to the Alarm system, but I would loose the ability to put EOL on the sensors and any work on the X-600 would require the alarm panel to be shutdown, which isn't desired.

Most of my experience with alarm panels is with the Paradox Digiplex EVO-48 and EVO-192, but since they close their access to firmware and software updates, along with all installation manuals I would prefer not to use them... I would prefer a bit more open platform.

I'm currently looking at the Networx NX-8E panel, they seems to have the NX-590NE which allow remote configuration, but I didn't found any place in the DLX900 software to configure it. They have the NX-587E, which seems nice to have more integration options. They also seems to have the NX-508E to output some events, but it's not clear if it's possible to mirror zone status on those outputs from the documentation.

So, my questions... Does the Networx products would be a good fit here? Are there other products I should also look at? Maybe another way to do it? Would it just be better to double the sensors/wiring on the warehouse? We're speaking of about 12 sensors that need to be wired to the alarm panel.

Thanks for your insights!


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Re: Looking for a security system for integration
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2017, 09:17:56 PM »
Almost any panel can give you some kind of output based on alarm states...

12 sensors isn't really even that large of a system..

I don't know anything about Networx panels, but something as simple as a Vista 20p with an expansion module and a relay module could easily accept 12 sensors and offer outputs for different arming states as well as take input via a keyswitch zone to arm/disarm the system via your automation panel.


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Re: Looking for a security system for integration
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2017, 03:40:31 AM »
I've been installing the NX series for years.  I find it to be extremely flexible and reasonably intuitive to use and with the introduction of the 595e IP module remote controls and programming are simple to deal with.

The NX4/6/8 series panels offer a unique take on the concept you are looking at in the sense that they publish an automation guide that explains their buss communication protocol.  The NX8e also has a serial port on board.  You can also use the NX-586 programming adapter to communicate with that or any other panel in the series.  The 590 offers a number of options as well, though the 595 MAY (I haven't looked at it in any great detail in that regard) offer you more flexibility.  Of course if it didn't, nothing really stops you from implementing a serial-over-IP adapter like the Lantronix xDirect232 plugged into an NX-586 if it came down to that.

As to programming the 590, that would probably be best done through the original DL900 program, though when I load up my copy of DLX900, which was released specifically to support the NX-595e it does allow me to look at and configure pages for the NX-590.

Yes, you can also use hardware input and output modules and simply replicate the output to reflect the input status of each zone if you want to go lower tech or simply don't want to go through the learning curve to learn the buss protocol and implement it in your system.

The NX8e supports up to 192 in zones which can be a mix of wired and wireless. 

It also supports up to eight of a mix of 2 discrete types of output modules, one has 7 relays and one open collector output the other has 8 open collector outputs and a parallel printer connection.  Panels have outputs on board (on the 8e 2 of them are relays) as do their smart /supervised power supplies, the NX-595 and other sundry devices that are available.

Outputs can be set to operate according to various triggers.  Plus they can be timer operated ad more.  The system can also generate X10 control messages (OK, that's a bit long in the tooth, but I have it implemented for some lighting - it works very well).

The reason for your confusion about individual zone control of outputs is that the NX-507/508 expansion modules support the feature where the 4 outputs on the base panel do not.  The system allows you to specify which zone or user (depending on the condition being monitored) will trigger the output action, which can be latched, timed, or follow.  And then there are the various timed operations and schedules and such - it can be the core of a fairly sophisticated automation system.  And it also supports a built in card access control network as well with support for up to 15 of their card readers and reader adapters (I've never tried that aspect of the system out)

Another interesting option (which applies to any system that uses the communication buss to add accessories is that you can always locate your Zone input expanders and output modules remote from the panel.  You could have a zone module (which provides 16 inputs) and an output module or two at different locations and use the system buss to drive the status from one place to another over a 3 conductor connection. 
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