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Author Topic: Correct "response time" setting for a 2WT-B detector?  (Read 1847 times)


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Correct "response time" setting for a 2WT-B detector?
« on: June 19, 2017, 07:15:55 PM »
Hopefully a simple question, but I couldn't find the answer to it in any of the manuals.

I have a 2-wire fire zone on a Vista 20P panel with a single 2WT-B detector on it. This system was inherited, and I've been cleaning up some, let's say, "errors" in the programming. One thing I haven't been able to work out on my own is what the correct response time (RT) setting should be on the wired smoke detector zone. My options are:

  • 0 = 10 msec
  • 1 = 350 msec
  • 2 = 700 msec
  • 3 = 1200 msec (1.2 sec)

It's currently set to 1.2 seconds. Is there a more correct value? I don't care so much about instantaneous response, but I care very much about the panel detecting a fire correctly each and every time it's asked to.

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Re: Correct "response time" setting for a 2WT-B detector?
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 09:27:51 PM »
I left mine at default, which is apparently 350ms. I don't think it's that critical, because when the smoke trips, it stays in alarm condition until power is removed from it. The time is meant for older burg devices that were in alarm state for a very brief time.
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