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Author Topic: Visonic PowerLink Control Script  (Read 1551 times)


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Visonic PowerLink Control Script
« on: September 10, 2017, 04:52:54 PM »
Managed to get hold of a PowerLink 2 for my Powermax Complete system yesterday and have had a bit of fun playing with it.  One thing I noticed was that there isn't any handy API for controlling it.  A bit of googling showed that some people are controlling this via the RS-232 port, but that's not for me :)

Anyway I came across this article which was pretty interesting.  However it doesn't look like he took this any further.  I'd like to get this thing hooked up to Google and let me voice control the alarm.  No particular reason, I just like to tinker.

So to that end, I've knocked up a rough and ready PHP script which does what I need.  It lets me arm/disarm the alarm with a web call, plus get the status of the various bits of the system.  Not sure whether I'll take this much further but thought I'd share it.

For example to arm the system, I just call:

Code: [Select]
No idea if it'll work with any other PowerLink versions.  Maybe...  I'd also be interested if anyone knows of any other php scripts that the PowerLink 2 supports.  If anyone still has root access, they could check.


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