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Author Topic: wiring a ipdatatel CAT CDMA into a napco gem-p9600 security system  (Read 888 times)


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I have a NAPCO GEM-P9600 security system with 2 zone expanders and 3 keypads for a total of 24 zones that are fully utilized.  I recently purchased an IPdatatel CAT CDMA cellular communicator along with a monitoring service from an online alarm store after being told that it would be easy to setup and compatible with napco gemini. The seller unfortunately does not support napco, so I am a novice homeowner flying blind.  I am looking for direction on how to connect this CAT CDMA communicator to the napco system so that I can start this new service and be able to monitor my system via my phone.  I've figured out the basic part of the wiring ( +/- power and tip and ring), but need to know where the PGM and keyswitch wires should connect on the napco board and how to program it to work. It looks like I need a free zone, but as I said all zones are used, so if there is a work around there that would be appreciated.

Here is a link to the  ipdatatel CAT-CDMA cell communicator manual and the necessary wiring:

"For basic Key-Switch operation with the Cellular CAT, the following alarm panel wiring is needed.
    A programmable output on the alarm panel will be used to signal to the Product (PGM Terminal 5) that the panel has entered Arm/Disarmed state.
    The zone (Terminal 8) output on the Product will be used as a Key-Switch connection to a ‘zone’ terminal on the alarm panel."

Any help that can be provided in laymen's terms and instruction would be much appreciated.



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Re: wiring a ipdatatel CAT CDMA into a napco gem-p9600 security system
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2017, 03:19:02 AM »
Hi RW,

Do you have a user manual for 9600 or 3200 panel? If yes, it is much easier to tell what you have to do step by step. It must be programmed on the keypad and we will need the master code (is printed on the panel’s microprocessor can) and you should set at least one zone for free (e.g. zone 8).


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