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Author Topic: New system  (Read 129 times)


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New system
« on: February 07, 2018, 10:49:16 AM »
I am new here and in addition have not done a system in 10 years. Looking for some input on using either Ademco or Honeywell. New construction, doors are hardwired, basement hardwired, 3 keypad locations hard wired with 4 wire, need motion in garage on delay entry, Windows on a break glass detection, probably a total of  6 or 7 zones ....2 dogs 1 cat  so I can't do motions ( i don't think) I would rather have motion sensor VS the break glass but don't want false alarms in the middle of the night because the dog took a stroll at 3 am.
   So because I am so out of it regarding product can anyone direct me to what they would use for  Keypads, which  system, motions, etc... Really appreciate the help

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Re: New system
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2018, 08:52:04 PM »
Ademco is Honeywell now.  Their flagship residential panel now is the Vista-20P, though any system like a DSC PC1832, etc, will do the job you need.

IF INSTALLED CORRECTLY, you won't be getting false alarms from your pets on the motion detectors, unless you have a super large dog.   Most detectors today include pet immunity from 40 to 80 pounds but it's critical that the installation instructions be followed.  Typically, the lookdown zone is masked or disabled, and the detector is never aimed at any furniture that the pets may jump on.

I would still at least prewire for glassbreaks for the future, as that's good perimeter protection.

For a Vista system, the basic alpha keypad is the 6160.   You may like the 6460 though which is a fancier version, or the Tuxedo or 6280 touchscreen.  If you choose touchscreen keypad(s), you will still want at least one 6160 alpha keypad for programming.  If you're doing more than 2 keypads, I would certainly add a supplemental power supply like an Altronix AL624 with a backup battery, especially if you use touchscreens.

For DSC, the alpha keypad is the PK5500.

Motion detectors are your choice.  I have not been impressed with Honeywell's motion detectors, quite honestly, two companies loved to sell and install the IS2535 detectors and it was a constant train wreck of false alarms.  Their dual-techs are a little nicer, like the DT8035, but I have two and still find them to be super sensitive at the lowest sensitivity setting.  Can't go wrong with a Bosch.  I really like the DSC LC-100-PI detectors for a basic PIR, too, but if you can go dual-tech, do it.
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