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Email notification time stamp

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For the last few months when I get an email notification someone has activated and deactivated the alarm the email time stamp is off by a few months.

I have the correct time and date in the alarm and can see that in the activity log when logged into it via my computer.

Other notifications like our surveillance cameras have the correct date stamp with those emails.

Anyone have any ideas on why it's doing this and how it can be fixed?

I still get daily emails, the hour is 1 hour off, minutes are correct, & date is November 3rd for today's disarm. I get 2 a day arm & disarm. Its been doing this for 2 months.

Ok, so this may be a Visonic issue with their date and time off? If your seeing the same dates I am that must be it.

Today is 2/15/18 and the date stamp is 11/6/17

Obviously, there's no chance of them fixing it so we'll just have to deal with it.

today time & date are correct, maybe they fixed it.

Yeap, I noticed that too. Glad it wasn't something on my end. I think those gaps in notifications was all on the Visonic server end and not our alarms.


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