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Anybody used ADI's WBOX stuff? I recently purchased one NVR and one IP camera but can't for the life of me get them to work. The NVR comes up but when I connect the camera all it says is detecting.

Wow. clearly a popular product. Guess I gotta answer my own question.

So I finally phoned WBox tech support - which isn't easy 'cuz they're only open 9am-6pm Eastern time and I'm in Pacific time. In his very broken English he was able to convey to me that my two particular WBox products are NOT plug and play compatible with each other. Gee thanks.

Back to ADI who were stunned to hear this. They had to try it for themselves and sure enough, it didn't work. So we tried the newest WBOX NVR which did work (for another $40, of course).

Got it home, plugged in and all is working. Nothing but a quick start manual so I'm fumbling through figuring things out. All is going reasonably well until I clicked the wrong thing and messed something up. I tried to put the settings back but couldn't figure out what I had done. Resigned, I did a factory reset - which reset the password but none of the (now wrong) settings! I emailed WBox directly who tell me they don't have a detailed manual, only a quick start manual (yeah, pretty sure I can figure out where the power cord goes).

I'm pretty good at figuring things out with a manual but this is silly. I'm packing all this stuff up and it's going back.

Magnum Alert:
Hikvision all the way for me.  WBox anything makes me a little nervous.  I guess their tie wraps are good, though.

Since Wbox NVRs are simply private labelled HIKvision boxes and most (but perhaps not all) of their cameras are as well and ADI warrants them for at least as long (and in some cases longer) than the corresponding HIKvision product, I have no issue with installing their video gear.

Some of their other products (in particular their tie wraps) are trash, but most the items are just fine.

It's not so much a case of reliability related quality, its a case of documentation related quality. As in there is none. There are a thousand features and options in there; some I can make an educated guess at, some I have no idea. When I have no idea, I look it up in the book - oh, wait, this POS doesn't come with a book and none exists anywhere. Seems like a pretty shi**y way to put out a product.

I took it back, might get a HIKVision. At least those have some PDF's I can download.


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