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Author Topic: Adding Visonic MCR-308 to Veritas 8C  (Read 30 times)


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Adding Visonic MCR-308 to Veritas 8C
« on: July 11, 2018, 06:43:34 AM »
Iím trying to fit a Visonic MCR-308 wireless receiver to my existing wired alarm (Veritas 8 Compact), Iím coming up against two problems:

ē   On the alarm panel for each zone there are two terminals the door switch and panic button have two wires going into their zones, which makes sense, however the PIRs only have one wire per zone going into the right-hand terminal which didnít make sense as the PIRs have four wires the two power wires and the two alarm wires, obviously the power for each PIR is fed from the same terminals on the panel (AUX), for the alarm wires at first I thought maybe one of the pair were joined from each PIR and then returned to the panel like common negative return or a common feed, but I canít see anything like this in the manual or while looking at the panel,  can anyone explain how this works?

ē   The other problem is on the MCR-308 wireless expansion module has four zones for each of the zones there is only one terminal which goes back to the panel!? I have wired zone 1 on the MCR-308 to zone 6 on the panel, however it permanently shows as being active, so clearly this isnít right.
For me the missing factor is that there should be a second wire coming from the MCR-308 to create the alarm circuit to the panel, but the only other terminals are TAMP INACT L.BAT JAMM (Outputs 1234) and ARM there is also the 12v -+ and COM DATA but I believe the COM DATA is for expansion modules.

I suppose the question how do I wire this up!?




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