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Author Topic: New Homeowner - I cannot disarm my GE Concord Express system. Help!  (Read 356 times)


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I purchased a townhome with a GE Concord Express (60-806 or 60-806-95R) Control Panel and what I believe is a GE 60-983 Keypad, and the previous owner forgot the user code as they never had it monitored and stopped using it. I happened upon a "code" that let me program some things: Time & Date, gave me access to OPTIONS and SYSTEM Information like FACTORY CODE, SYSTEM NUMBER and SYSTEM LEVEL, but would not allow me to change Users or the Main Partion.

By trying different 'Codes" in a semi-random fashion, I came up with what I think is the "Installer" code, and that allowed me to adjust the system variables listed above.

I used that code to try to set the alarm (as a test) and then I tried to Disarm the system using the same code, but it didn't. Right now I have unplugged the whole system and disconnected the back up battery.

Help! What can I do to try to get this system reset?


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Re: New Homeowner - I cannot disarm my GE Concord Express system. Help!
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2018, 09:18:28 PM »
I hope this helps

System Master Code
There is one System Master code. The System Master code is used to enter the programming
menus for your system. The default System Master code is
change the default code and record the new code in the Appendix A User Sheets.

To change the System Master Code:
1. Enter the programming menus by pressing
2. Press
3. Enter the desired 4-digit System Master Code, then press


4. Press
to exit the programming menus.
Regular User Codes
There are 16 Regular User codes which act like keys to arm and disarm the system. If necessary,
they can be assigned to neighbors, baby-sitters, or repair persons for temporary use. Regular user
codes can be changed in the programming menus and are easily deleted from the system when no
longer necessary.
Good User Code Hygiene
To preserve the integrity of your system, keep user codes confidential and delete extra codes as
soon as they are no longer needed.
We recommend that you avoid using obvious code patterns such as
Using the Programming Menus
Some system settings can be changed by you, the user, while other settings must be changed by
the installer.
To change system settings, you'll use the System Master code to enter a series of programming
menus. Appendix C gives a detailed explanation of how to use the menus or, if desired, how to
use programming shortcuts.
. It is important that you
+ the current System Master Code.

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