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Author Topic: Advice wanted on alarm and video using existing wired contacts  (Read 346 times)


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Advice wanted on alarm and video using existing wired contacts
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:05:31 PM »
I have an existing wired system which has normally closed contacts for windows, doors, etc.

I have a very old alarm panel I am going to replace.

I also have to do a video system too as police in my area will not respond without a visual check,  I want this too,  and  would like to record the video as well as seeing it on a smartphone.

So I am looking for a system that can use my wired contacts,   I do not like wireless sensors as you have to replace batteries,   I have an exsisting 12VDC battery back up that can run for months....

I want a monitored system.

For the video system, I want to use a POE wired system to the cameras as well.  Again I don't want to deal with replacing individual batteries

So here is the challenge, to make a system that has the least cost per mpnth for monitoring and internet, etc.

It seems to me that I need two systems,  one for the alarm and one for the video.

I could not find an "all in one system"  that could use my existing wired contacts. Remember I do not want to deal with batteries for wireless.

So  I think I need a new alarm panel that can do a dialout, or internet to monitoring site.   and I need  separate video system like vmodo.

what I found were systems like  Infinity Home, but they want $40/month.    Even on this site there is alarm monitoring for $8.95/mo.    and the zmodo would just work with my existing 1Mbps internet service.

any advice appreciated

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Re: Advice wanted on alarm and video using existing wired contacts
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2018, 05:10:35 PM »
Look at the Interlogix Modular Hub - this is a wired/wireless system that supports 500 zones, 99 partitions and lots of other bits and pieces - their app is very nice and you *can* be self monitored, but you need a dealer to provide access to the servers for you.

An alternative that uses the same app (though has different, slightly limited features) but does NOT require you to use a dealer is the Interlogix NX-8V2 with their NX595 IP board.

Camera-wise you'd be best to get a recorder and connect cameras to that.  No real need to integrate with the burglar alarm.  I usually supply HIKvision to residential clients.  Their products are reasonably priced, good mobile app.  Of course it is an open source system so you can purchase (almost) any IP camera and it will work - but just to be safe you might as well make them all Hikvision, since that company makes about half of all the cameras being supplied today.
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