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Author Topic: Wireless Zones > 32 ??  (Read 222 times)


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Wireless Zones > 32 ??
« on: January 09, 2019, 09:20:18 AM »
So, I've just about got my DSC 1864 system up and running, but I've found that a couple of my wired door contacts are not working.  It seems that during the building process the wires were damaged as I am unable to get the zone to close if I short the wires at the contact end. I've also rung out the wires to eliminate a programming issue.

I crawled into the attic to see if I could pull a new wire and no dice.

I'm thinking I'll need to convert these zones to wireless and use a wireless contact.  I've already got the system setup with zone expanders and I'm using zones 1-32 as wired.  If I want to add a couple of wireless zones starting at 33, am I correct that my only option would be to use the TR5164 since it supports zones 1-64?  It looks like the RF5132 only supports 1-32 so I'd have to move at least 8 of my wired zones to a different range.  Correct?
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Re: Wireless Zones > 32 ??
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 06:13:33 PM »
I believe you have two options: the TR5164 which you mentioned (my system has this) or the RFK5564 keypad can also handle 64 zones.

  • The RFK55xx keypad is a receiver only.
  • The TR5164 is a transceiver so it supports wireless keypads and the two way keyfobs.  I don't remember there being any other 2-way devices for the power series that were useful.

To me, the TR5164 seems like it could be marginally more useful. 

(I have it because I've got a WT5500 wireless keypad because it was too hard to make the wire run.  The WT5500 has turned out to be helpful when I need to do DLS, etc. I just take the keypad off the wall and bring it to the panel and laptop.)

Hope this helps.
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Re: Wireless Zones > 32 ??
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2019, 07:27:31 PM »
I've seen 1864 systems with 32-zone receivers, where the wireless transmitters were enrolled to zones 1-32 and hardwired expanders were set to use zones above 33.  It's not something I would do because it took me a while to figure out exactly why the installer did this... but it may be an option.  Just make sure the wireless attribute is correct
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