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Author Topic: Powermax: Installation Code blocked after setting User 1 code to same value  (Read 219 times)

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Short description
When the access code for User 1 is changed into the same code as the Installation Code, access to the Installation Menu is blocked.

Long description
After completing the Powermax-setup, we changed the Installation Code via the Installation Menu. We validated this new code by exiting and entering the Installation Menu again; the Installation Code worked fine.
Then we updated, via the User Settings (NOT the Installation Menu), the code for User 1. We've set this to the same code as the Installation Code. We validated this by exiting and entering the User Settings again; the code for User 1 worked fine.
But now we cannot enter the Installation Menu anymore; the Installation Code suddenly is invalid.
This looks like a software-issue since the Installation Code was not changes and worked before.

Anybody familiar with this and have suggestion on how can we resolve this?



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not familiar.

change the user code to something else (and don't do that again).  Then try your original installer code.


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