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Author Topic: See when power outage happens with DSC 1864 and envisalink?  (Read 58 times)


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See when power outage happens with DSC 1864 and envisalink?
« on: March 09, 2019, 05:02:10 PM »
Wondering if it is possible to tell when there is a power outage by using my 1864 and envisalink 3 module.
Looking at the install manual it looks like you can program a pgm to react when there is AC power failure under section [501].
I'm having issues seeing if I am programming it correctly though.
When I hit * 8 then Installers code then section [009] for PGM outputs I then hit 09 for system trouble then #.
I then get into section [501] and leave only number 2 on and turn the rest in that section off because I only want to know if the AC is off.
I also changed reporting time in [377] to 000 since around me when it goes out it never comes back quickly and I want to know asap.

So assuming I did that right (I'm not sure at all) what should I expect to see? 
Ok now as I'm taking the time to type this out I'm realizing that the PGM isn't a zone so I'm not going to see any zones tripped...hmmm.

Could I wire from the PGM to an open hardwired zone and then just monitor that zone to see if power is out? Or would the PGM output be too much for a hardwired zone?

Basically I'm looking for my home automation to send me an alert when the power goes out and comes back on.
I have a generator, but it isn't whole house so both off and on would be helpful.
I could use an AC relay, but would prefer to keep it in the panel if possible.



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