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Author Topic: Read before posting  (Read 11116 times)


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Read before posting
« on: July 13, 2005, 06:04:14 PM »
Would like to just state the obvious:

First look through all the topic sections which are broken out wisely for a proper area to post a question, as if it's in the wrong spot, or posted across every area, it will be moved, and if cross posted, deleted. This is in your best interest, as a DSC question in the ITI area will get tons of replies

The majority of us that post here VOLUNTEER our time and knowledge, as well as opinions, right or wrong, but provide you with educated opinions to those of you who aren't in the 'biz'.

We don't get paid for anything, and with the exception of a couple of us, have no affiliation with the store (even thousgh I would like them to give me a deal on a Optex annunciator)

We don't necessarily offer tech support like the manufacturers, but we answer the questions the best we can while talking to you so you can make sense of it for yourselves.

If you come expecting to get a manufacturer's tech support line from us, that's not what is provided here. The store offers tech support for the stuff they sell, and will provide that to you if you purchase from them.

Before posting here I'd reccomend that you look through, or use the search function to see if your equipment or issue has already been discussed, which most likely it has, or it may be a common question.

Also it'd be appreciated you post as much information you know about your system, as far as it's type, manufacturer, and if you even know the installer/service code, as we are not psychics. Also keep in mind, if you make rash decisions about your existing alarm, be prepared to reprogram your system from the beginning, as the manuals aren't directly written for a DIY person, and they don't care if you did electrical work for your second aunt twice removed while you were in college and you now install hard drives at the local Comp USA and know what Cat 5 is, as you aren't a paid system installer or integrator, and don't have the benefits of the years of knowledge or experience, as well as knowing/understanding multiple manufacturer's terms.

The paperwork provided by the manufacturers is there for a reason, granted it may be a difficult read, but go through it before installing/programming your system, as if you try to do it blind, you're going to have a hard time, waste your time, get frustrated, and then waste time trying to get it to work if you have no idea what solution we're pointing you to.

The site offers quite a few manuals, tech and user, for download free, not to mention a sensor spec guide, that has a lot of useful info for contacts and how/where to install them. Make use of that feature.

Also realize we're not tech support for any of the big installing CO's equipment, and won't provide you their lockout codes, or any proprietary information, or tell you how to get out of their contract.

Knowledge is what you get out of it, spend some time and effort and you will learn a whole lot more here than asking 'how do I XXX?' and then go off, while not paying attention to every other thing that most likely was posted in reply to your question, as it's not a imple step by step thing, as generally one data entry or thing affects 3 other things.

In closing, realize the majority of all the equipment discussed here is PRO GRADE, and not generally designed to call your cell direct, talk to you, send you an IM, start your car, talk to your inlaws for you, or be connected to VOIP. There are some ways around some of those issues, but don't expect the world of something that is originally deisgned, engineered, and marketed towards the pro install market. You can DIY, but bear in mind, the features a lot of these panels out of the box have for communicating is not intended for local notification, but for connection to an approved and UL listed central station.

All that said, enjoy the community, and take the chance to read and learn here, but show some courtesy towards the pros and those who post here often, as if it keeps going the way it has, not many people will come back to post or answer question.


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