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Author Topic: How to get an IC out of a Vista/reset master code  (Read 31389 times)


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How to get an IC out of a Vista/reset master code
« on: November 26, 2005, 07:33:55 PM »
To get your IC out of the system (if it's not one of the defaults)

Power the system down by removing battery and AC power. Wait about 1 minute. Repower control. Press * + # to enter programming (feature may be locked out via programming).

Hit # 20. Make note of the 4 digits the panel gives you. Those are your panel's IC.

Hit *99 and NOTHING else, otherwise you can severly compromise your panel's programming.

To reset the code for the Vista 10:

IC, 8, 2, new master.

Vista 15 and 20 (SE)

IC, 8, 02, new master OR
IC, 8, 01, new master

Vista 20P and P series of panels:

IC, 8, 02, new master.

The procedures listed above will NOT work with the 41 series of panels, or anything other than a VISTA panel. One offs, proprietary software versions, or even local programming may have rendered these options unavailable, or you may generate a panic alarm by attempting to enter programming in this method. All PLUS series of Vista panels will need to have the real time clock reset after having all power removed, which may affect test timers, access windows, etc. This feature is not applicable to the larger Vista panels, like the Vista 40 and above.

the IC for those panels is located in data field 00 of those panels.

Default IC's for Ademco can be:

4110, 4111, 4112, 4140, 5140.

Don't bother trying to PM me for any other private IC's of any companies or Nationals or post them, as those posts will be deleted.

Also bear in mind by entering programming in this method, you may void any warranty you have on your equipment, void any monitoring agreement, or can render your hardware non-operational by doing anything other than what was listed.
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