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Title: Custom text on multiple nx-148 keypads via dlx900?
Post by: Geoffk on March 18, 2017, 04:24:50 PM
currently have 2 nx-148 keypads hooked up to a nx-8 board. I'm using dlx900 via a nx-595e i also hooked up.

I installed a new board and the 595 replace an existing nx-8 at a home i purchased and didn't have the codes for. swapped all the wiring over and i believe i have almost everything programmed the way i want, except the text on the 2nd keypad.

in dlx900 i can go to devices>keypad text and set the text for the first keypad and it works, but is there a way to edit the 2nd via dlx900?

if i go to devices>keypad options> partition 1> i can see both keypads with  check next to them.
if i edit i 2nd keypad, custom text is checked but the keypad is displaying the previous owners name (custom text)

i think i can edit this directly on the keypad, but entering text on the numeric keypad isn't that easy, it would be better to do it via dlx900
Title: Re: Custom text on multiple nx-148 keypads via dlx900?
Post by: bramfrank on March 19, 2017, 10:17:51 AM
There are two types of custom txt on the NX series with the 148 keypads.
The first is the global custom text which is set using the 'Keypad Text' fields under the 'Expanders' tab.
The other is set per keypad and the tab to enter that data is enabled using the 'custom message lock'.
The custom message lock has priority over the global message.
You need to 'send' the relevant data to the various keypads if you want to see your changes displayed.
Title: Re: Custom text on multiple nx-148 keypads via dlx900?
Post by: Geoffk on March 20, 2017, 03:40:56 PM
Thanks, it is now working. all the documentation i found on this is sort of misleading.

in the nx-148 manual:
"11 CUSTOM MSG. LOCK? Enable Custom Message Lock. Prevents over-writing the custom message
during keypad copy."

this doesn't seem to really be how it functions.

the nx-10 manual says:
"Custom Message Lock A menu option that makes the customized keypad
message on the programmed keypad independent from
other keypads in the system. If disabled, editing the
custom message on any keypad affects all keypads in the system, i.e. all keypads always display the same message. "

which is also not really how it was working.

both keypads had "custom message" enabled and custom message lock disabled, and both showed different messages after I edited devices>keypad text.

but now its working so thats really all that matters :)

I was also going crazy with a ground fault on zone 8 where i have fire alarms when i knew it was ok since it was working with the old board.
after playing around for a while I saw the option for "enable 2 wire smokes", in the dlx-900 help it says this is only for the nx-8e but it is working and what was needed.