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This panel outputs a 12 volt, pulsed output, which will trigger the reversing relay.  Make sure you are using the 470 ohm resistor as per the DMP schematic.

Good to know it worked out.  I wish the RFIdeas admin readers had a toggle feature to toggle between formats.  You can do it with their admin tool, but it is kind of a pain.

On the 734 module does the yellow wiegand light turn on when you swipe the card?  If not, you more than likely have an incompatible card, e.g. indala, iclass etc.  If you do get the yellow light on card read, you need to check the events as Luke mentioned.  There are seven reasons the panel could deny access and each reason will point to the problem.  For example, if the event log shows "Access Denied-Armed area", the access area is armed and the profile does not have the correct authority.

Are you able to do a comm test and hit the receiver?  Enter 984 then command and choose your network path that is programmed for the receiver.

With the panel set to DHCP, the panel should receive an IP address, Gateway address, subnet mask and DNS address from the router.  You need the DNS address to be able to resolve website names rather than just IP addresses.  Try setting the IP to static with the information pulled from DHCP, just change the DNS to as Luke had suggested.

Receiver is not needed, you only need a network or cell connection.  The panel requests weather updates on an hourly basis from a weather server.  I would try updating to the latest firmware.

That is the firmware that was released to add the weather support.  What keypads are you using?  The weather option was released for the 7800 touchscreen, but will also display on a 7000 or 7100 series keypad.  If you are connected to the network, you should have the weather updated every hour.

@sos411,  the xr100 and xr500 communicate @10mbs half duplex.  Some newer routers communicate at a higher rate or at full duplex.  You can try putting a switch inline with the panel that can support 10mbs half duplex.  Is the panel monitored?  Can it hit a receiver?

@Magnumalert,  the panel needs a cell unit to do SMS, you can do email, but most have an SMTP server that can communicate with plain authentication.  Weather should work if you can get out on the network, I'm assuming you entered your zip code in the weather option?

For your application, you may want to move away from SystemLink and look at migrating to DMP's Entre software.

Alarm Installers Tips and Tricks / Re: Staple wires or not???
« on: December 28, 2013, 07:54:10 PM »
On a resi prewire, drive rings work great.  Mount the driver rings along the wiring path, then lay wire inside the rings.  You can use zip ties to take out the extra slack.  Also, if you are penetrating floors, you need to check to see if the inspector is wanting the penetrations fire caulked.

+1 on the service loops at devices and the contacts with terminals.

12  is only the local IP address on the LAN, meaning that it cannot be accessed from outside the home.  What you need to do is find the public IP address and determine if it is static or dynamic.  If static, you would simply enable port forwarding of port 6280 through the router to the internal ip address (  Then you would simply enter the public IP address as for example.  If the public IP address is dynamic and changes periodically, then you will need to subscribe to a DDNS service that will follow the changing IP address based on the MAC id.

Good luck.

I work for one of the companies that you mentioned and we do offer several concealed RF transmitters.  I agree that a 5816 looks out of place in many homes today.  With that being said, our basic RF packages includes three 5816 transmitters.  This is for two reasons: cost and flexibility.  If a client chooses to, they can upgrade to a recessed transmitter, we typically use the 5818MNL for doors and the 5800micra for windows.

Fire Alarm System Forum / Re: Fire System to Burg system connection
« on: February 09, 2011, 04:30:54 PM »
Generally speaking it is frowned upon.  My company, when monitoring a standalone fire alarm, requires a fire rated dialer.  If we are doing the burglar alarm portion, but the client wants us to monitor the existing fire panel (edwards, Simplex, notifier etc.) we will install a combination panel such as a Honeywell Vista 32FBP or 128FBP.  We have the fire alarm company supply a relay or output to trigger our fire zone.  Of course we have to have the requisite dual communication path and "hard-wired" transformer.  Every AHJ will have a different opinion, though.

What about the Vista 21ip?  It has an onboard ethernet port.  Although it is not designed to be connected with an embedded web server, you can intergrate the Total Connect service.

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