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101 turn bit 8 on for wireless
202 turn bit 1 on assigning zone 1 to partition 1

Question.  Is this an acoustic glass break sensor covering one or more windows, or a shock sensor mounted on the glass?  Model # could help.

Shock sensors are notorious for false alarms from fireworks and cars backfiring to bird strikes.

*8 (installer code) 804 03 000 000 04 000 000 11 328*2*91 12 37*2*092 # 203 3 4 # 001 >>  >>  05  05  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >> 05 05  # 103  8 # 104 8 # 111 8 # 112 8###

I've been half-following this thread.  Been busy keeping the spammers at bay and also installing an upgraded camera system at my kids' school.

Looks good to me.  Only thing I would do different is make the motions Stay/Away vs Interior.  I prefer 05 vs 04 to reduce the chance of false alarms unless I'm absolutely certain the area covered will not be entered by the homeowner while armed.  (For the OP, the only difference is that with 05, it will automatically bypass the motions if you stay home without having to manually bypass them.)  The bold notated above would make this change if so desired.  But otherwise it looks good.

The full string of programming should really only be done by a pro.  To avoid a potential mis-key, I'd suggest breaking it up by section for a novice.  "Pain" to re-enter programming for each section, but easier to follow and understand the programming as a whole.

*8 xxxx 804 03 000 000 04 000 000 ## --- Erases ESN's from zones 3 and 4
*8 xxxx 804 11 328*2*91 12 37*2*092 ## --- Enters ESN's in zones 11 and 12
*8 xxxx 203 3 4 ## --- Turns zones 11 and 12 ON for partition 1
*8 xxxx  001 >>  >>  05  05  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  >>  05  05  ## --- Programs zones 3, 4, 11, and 12 as Stay/Away motions.  (04 if you want straight Interior)
*8 xxxx 103  8 # 104 8 # 111 8 # 112 8 ### --- This string should turn OFF bit 8 for 3 and 4 thus making them hardwired zones and 11 and 12 bit 8 ON for wireless.

Zone types 04 vs 05 comes down to personal preference.

Then it's a simple swap.

Replace the keypad wire for wire, red-red, black-black, yellow-yellow, green-green.
Remount it on the back plate and you're done.

The codes are stored inside the main board in the cabinet.

Yes, as long as you place the wires in the same locations, you are fine.

Depending on the model of the alarm system determines whether programming is needed or not.
The old "Classic Series" PC1550 or PC1555RKZ keypads do not require any programming.

Please provide the model of your alarm system.

No.  After adding the keypad in 000, the only other programming you will do is programming the zone labels (see the programming sheet for the PK/RFK500 keypad).

Based on the quantity of windows you are considering placing contacts on along with how "open" your floor plan is would determine whether going with contacts on all points vs a couple glass break sensors.  Either way, a couple motion sensors placed in strategic locations is needed for a last line of defense.  Dual-element or dual-technology motions greatly reduce false alarms.  Even standard motions are reliable as long as you install them correctly.  Big question there is are there any pets?

Cameras are a completely different approach to security and work well in conjunction with an alarm system.

Have not seen anything come out about it.  Looking at their site and description, it appears to be similar to the Envisalink module.  Envisalink has been discussed quite extensively on this forum.  Less expensive and appears to offer the same features and services.

It does not appear to be an option according to the installation instruction sheet for that keypad.

Also ensure that the wireless zone is not within an 8-zone bank of a PC5108 expander.

If you are pulling a wire from one keypad to the second keypad, then simply pull an extra wire to your second motion at the same time.

If you want to wire each motion to each keypad zone, you have to ensure that each keypad is assigned its own slot # in 000.  Then assign whatever zone number you want to each keypad zone in 020.  For example...  Keypad 11 / Keypad zone 21 and Keypad 12 / Keypad zone 33.  (These are just examples.)  But with zone #'s you specify, it would be Keypad 11 / Keypad zone 11 and Keypad 12 / Keypad zone 12.

Each of the terminals of the keypad will have the following...

R - R1 R2
B - B1 B2 Y2
Y - Y1
G - G1
Z - G2

Where 1 is the keybus wiring and 2 is the motion wiring.

Well, if you cannot home run cables for the motions, then you could probably run one to the garage keypad and use the Z terminal in the keypad.  Then run the second motion along with the keybus cable to the other keypad and use that Z terminal as well.

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