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With the contact closed, remove the wire from the zone terminal and see if it chimes.  If it does, then either there is a short in the wire run, or the contact is fused or compressed in the closed state.

From a report from the NFPA...

"Total Inspections No. 13,415  Failed 66  % Failed 0.49%
Alarm Test Failed 35 53.03%
Incorrect Spacing 13 19.70%
Missing or Removed 8 12.12%
Damaged 4 6.06%
Incorrect Location 3 4.55%
Covered 1 1.52%
Excessively Dirty 1 1.52%
Painted 1 1.52%
Inspection vs. Testing
Comparison No. %
Issues of Inspection 31 46.97%
Issues of Testing 35 53.03%

Did you remove the end of line resistor from the original heat detector?

Yep, when the fixed temperature pops, it has to be replaced.

Demonstration video...

And of course, if your system is professionally monitored, very first step before working on the system is to contact the central station and tell them to place your account on test.  Otherwise, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a visit from the fire department.  Also, power your system down while working on it.

I recall that there was some issue with v1.0 PC5108 boards with newer versions of either the main board or mixed PC5108 versions (v1.0 with v2.0).  I don't remember exactly what it was though.  I had an issue with them about 10 years ago when I did an upgrade.

Anybody ever see the 1987 movie "Burglar" starring Whoopi Goldberg? It's one of the very few movies that has a scene _that's_actually_accurate_, of an burglar circumventing an alarm system. DC Metro Area in 40 years.  There are probably a few cases out there somewhere, but they're at least _that_ rare.

I enjoyed the TV series "It Takes a Thief" ( ).  The two hosts were reformed "professional" residential burglars who would "case" neighborhoods, pick a target (including those with security systems), approach the homeowners and get approval to burglarize their homes.  So with the forewarning, they'd wait a couple days for the homeowners to let their guard down and return to their normal routine and then hit them, recording the entire "crime".  They'd then wait for the homeowners to return to find the place trashed to some extent.  Then replay the whole crime for them to truly understand how quickly a burglary takes place.  They'd take them to where they stored the "loot" (which even included automobiles).  Then as a thank you, they'd install a current alarm system, often times a CCTV system, and upgraded lock hardware.

Pretty realistic series that I wished had lasted longer than two seasons.

Section 380 option 1 OFF will disable the communicator.  PGM's will remained operative for your auto-dialer.

Please elaborate on the purpose of the auto-dialer and what you are trying to accomplish.

If you intend on pointing the auto-dialer to call 911 with a pre-recorded message, I would STRONGLY urge you to contact your local jurisdiction.  Most PSAP's (public-safety answering point) prohibit the use of them in calling 911 now.  They were popular in the 70's and 80's, but now are frowned upon and may end up with a hefty fine if used for that purpose.

Be sure of what you're getting into with this "WiFi bridge".  I have never heard of that for DSC products.  Sounds like it's referring to the DLS software that requires either a PC-Link cable, internet communicator or HSPA 3G communicator.  Not to mention getting your hands on the DLS software itself.

Is the panel programmed for NO or NC zones?

Yes.  You can program any of the PGM's to follow any of the zones.

Correct.  The 700mA load also includes PGM outputs on the main board as well.

The keybus load calculation is for the main panel.  The PC5200 draws 20mA from the panel.  The 1A AUX+ is for powered devices connected to the PC5200.

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