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Ok then.  You'll probably need to stay away from any type of PIR on a stairwell unless you create a pet alley.

Yes.  It is a hardwire sensor which are normally compatible across all the major manufacturers.

Do you have any pets?

Not sure what you're trying to accomplish, but you might look at the Visonic Spy motion sensor.  Small, discreet.

Change zone 3 Type to 00-Null.  Ensure 202 bit 3 is turned off.  804 - 003 - 000000.

Then program zone 33 as normal.

There is also the lesser known issue of the earlier generations of the PC5132, if a zone went into trouble, often times that zone would lock on the trouble and nothing you did could restore it.  Only option was to program the ESN as 100000 and use a different zone.

Check to see if the panel is reporting Automatic Codes in 381.

I'm sure your problem is with your Partition assignments.  You're dealing with zones 17 - 33 and enabling the wrong zones.

Zones 1 - 8      202  - - - - - - - -
Zones 9 - 16    203  - - - - - - - -
Zones 17 - 24  204  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Zones 25 - 32  205  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Zones 33 - 40  206  1 - - - - - - -

TLM is only monitoring the voltage on the line for tampering.

To disable the communicator, you would need to turn off communications in 380.

I suspect it is the panel.  I had a client (PC5010) for about 20 years.  Originally on POTS, changed to VoIP about 10 years ago.  Then finally about a year ago, communications began to become an issue.  After playing with the reporting formats, communications were reestablished each time.  I think I had to change from SIA to Contact ID the first time.  Back to SIA another time.  Back to Contact ID the last time.  And yes, there was difficulty connecting via DLS2002 towards the end.  Thankfully, they just cancelled as they are selling the house.  New owners will most likely end up with a fresh PC1832.

Are you sure the original panel isn't a PC5010?  People often confuse them.

What do you have for phone service?  POTS or VoIP?  POTS is your traditional phone service from Ma Bell.  VoIP is from either your cable television provider or stand alone VoIP provider like Vonage.

Alarm systems are analog devices which do not work well with VoIP phone service.  Also, different manufacturers react differently with VoIP.

The proper communications you should hear on the phone line are different "beeps" known as "handshakes" from the central station receiver as it searches for the reporting format of the panel.  Once determined, the panel then transmits the account number and signal information.  This is followed by a final "beep" from the receiver known as a "kissoff" telling the panel it received the information.

Data transmission with Contact ID sounds like telephone touch tones, from SIA it sounds like data packet bursts.

What zone numbers are the wireless devices on?

Do you have any hardwired zones?

The zone in question, what Zone Type did you program it as?

Did you enable Option 8 on each of the wireless zones?  Sections 1xx where xx equals the zone number.

If the yellow trouble light is on, press * 2 and toggle through for the actual trouble code.  Whether the zone is open or not will not prevent you from viewing trouble conditions.

Closest I could find is the Napco iBridge module with my supplier.  I'm not a Napco guy, so I'm not sure it is the module you are looking for.

Did you enable each of the zones on the partition in sections 202 and 203?

I avoid enabling the Force Arm attribute 5.  Good way to forget to close a door / window when you are leaving.  I prefer to use vent switches for windows if appropriate.

Also, plunger switches are prone to failure over time.  Magnetic contacts are preferred.  Plungers are really only for in a pinch when the sensor HAS to go on the hinge side of the door.

As for your windows, you can purchase laminate sheeting that prevents the glass from completely shattering.  Different grades of it with the potential of stopping bullets even.  There are contractors who install it as well professionally.

And yes, for security and video protection, it is a bit vague.  4000 square feet is very large and would probably require a higher end system such as used in industrial.  You'll be better off hardwired.

Do you wait for the entry delay to expire?

Have you tried relocating the radio?

Another option is to add an antenna extension kit to relocate the antenna.  (GS-15ANT, GS-25ANT, GS-50ANT)

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