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The preferred method would be to use a siren driver that can detect a pulsing input from a steady input, and give a steady tone and/or message for fire, and yelp siren tone and/or message for burglary.  ELK makes some, I also like the Napco MVA-1000. 

Short of that, you could use a relay like an Altronix RB5.  None of the PGM outputs can drive any sort of siren or bell, they don't supply enough current and this may actually damage the panel.  Connect the relay coil + to aux +, and the relay coil - to the PGM.  Set the PGM to activate on a fire alarm.

Wire the siren yelp (red) to the normally closed contact, and the steady (yellow) to the normally open.
Wire the common to the bell + and the siren - to bell -.

Normally, current will flow from bell + through the relay's normally closed contact to the yelp wire.  If a fire alarm occurs, the relay will change state and current will flow through the normally open (now closed) contact to the steady wire.  The steady tone will pulse as the bell output pulses.
I have a siren with steady and warble and would like to use steady for fire pulse and warble for burglary. The warble is tied to the bell output, and the steady is tied to a PGM via a relay. The issue obviously is that the bell circuit controls the negative side of the siren. Has anyone worked around this?
From DSC's website...

"Accordingly, you are asked not to post any potentially confidential information about DSC or any competitor including but not limited to competitive nonpublic product information or positive or negative information about any DSC competitor, or pricing data of DSC or its competitors.

I myself will never risk litigation or jeopardize my relationship with DSC or any other manufacturer or service provider I utilize.  Any information I disclose is public knowledge or available for public access.
I just put together a home made PC-LINK cable to monkey with my alarm board.

I desperately need DLS2002, Anyone>?  I see years ago (2005), people were getting there hands on it.

Please guys!! Need links or something.


You can tie the Lyric thermostat into TC2 for cloud based control of the thermostat but it won't integrate with the Tuxedo Touch for local control.

You'd have to use the thermostat or a computer/mobile device running TC2 if you wanted to control it when in the home.

The Lyric round thermostat only integrates on a system level with the all-in-one wireless Lyric security system.
Thanks, I will try that!
Simple enough . . . . you wire up a small 12 volt control relay - + connection from the relay goes to the Aux + power output the relay - goes to the output in question.
Locations 46, 47 and 48
46 segment 1 set to '9' (AC Fail)
47 segment 1 set to '0'
48 segment 1 set to '0' (Follow)
Segments 2-4 of 46 and 47, and segment 2 of 48 and 'don't care' if you use no other outputs.

I'm trying to learn how to use this communicator to send me SMS and learning in general (I've made a post regarding SMS).
In this post I'm asking for something more precise: register [350]
In the Appendix B of the Alexor guide it explains that I can use (1 or 2) 20BPS, (3) DTMF, (4) SIA, (6) Residential.
But in the explanation of [350] it says "if phone numers are programmed for use with the TL256GS/GS2065 modules the programmed format must be SIA or Contact ID."
So, I assume I have to use 3 o 4. But my question is, does it matters if I'm only interested in SMS?


I cannot find a definite answer to this anywhere...thanks for your help in advance.  I have a Vista 20p with TUX Wifi controllers.  Is it possible to control the Lyric Wifi (2nd gen) thermostat from the TUX keypads and from TC 2.0?

Thanks again!
It was a prepaid chip. I've made a trip and forgot to put some money into it... and when you leave it alone for some time the mobile phone company unilaterally deactivate the chip. I bought a new one in the same place as the earlier.
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