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Hi, I'm working on a project where I need to integrate an alarm system with a warehouse/building automation system (mainly monitorable thermostats, door opening timers/controls/monitoring, motion detectors for lightning automation and so on, all built with ControlByWeb X-600 and X-300 series devices). I'd like to be able to reuse the same sensors (as all needed sensors already exists) to link the alarm system.

I needs the alarm system to be able to report it's state, through PGM-like outputs, RS-232 communication or whatever to be able to reports the panel state back to the X-600.

I have a couple of options to wire the sensors, I could re-route them to the alarm panel if the panel is able to output the real-time sensor states so I could wire them back to the X-600 input modules, or I could add to the X-600 some output modules to connect them to the Alarm system, but I would loose the ability to put EOL on the sensors and any work on the X-600 would require the alarm panel to be shutdown, which isn't desired.

Most of my experience with alarm panels is with the Paradox Digiplex EVO-48 and EVO-192, but since they close their access to firmware and software updates, along with all installation manuals I would prefer not to use them... I would prefer a bit more open platform.

I'm currently looking at the Networx NX-8E panel, they seems to have the NX-590NE which allow remote configuration, but I didn't found any place in the DLX900 software to configure it. They have the NX-587E, which seems nice to have more integration options. They also seems to have the NX-508E to output some events, but it's not clear if it's possible to mirror zone status on those outputs from the documentation.

So, my questions... Does the Networx products would be a good fit here? Are there other products I should also look at? Maybe another way to do it? Would it just be better to double the sensors/wiring on the warehouse? We're speaking of about 12 sensors that need to be wired to the alarm panel.

Thanks for your insights!
* 8 xxxx
009 to program PGM to Latched System Event (PGM2 should already be 10 by default)
## to exit

* 8 xxxx
141 to program PGM to follow 24 Hour Supervisory Zones, turn all bits off except 5
## to exit

Thanks AlarmMike.  That's really helpful..    Though I did configure a bunch of my DSC system myself... I'm really a novice DSC user. I found the wiring for the DSC-RM1 relay in my DSC install manual.   This DSC-RM1 costs $10... So I'll need to just figure out how to install it.

Then I think I would wire green (NO) and white to my sensor pad on the floor.  The FloodStop does not have an external input as best as I can tell.  The only input is the flood sensors on the floor.  It does have an output... that goes to the DSC panel as a wired zone.

But so I need to program the PGM?  Hmm.. sounds like a challenge.   :-)  I'll need to figure that out in the manual if I can.

I did find the Latched System Event type 10 in area 14x, and option 5 in the manual.  Do you happen to know exactly what I need to do at the keypad  to program this in?  It might take me a weekend to figure out how to program this in at the keypad. :-)

Thanks! -Glenner.

I never faced my motion at a window, I had to many false alarms due to headlights from a car trigger them. I personally it's an overkill on using motion and glassbreak.
I used PGM output 11 for a strobe light with the Follow Key Buzzer option 07 to follow zone 17. Can I somehow still use the same strobe light for an alarm condition (option 01) at zone 18?

Alternatively can I wire two (or more) PGM outputs to the same strobe light for different output options from different zones on the PC5204?

My system is PC1832, PC5108x2, PC5200 and PC5204.

Have you run a Go/No go test?

Thank you, I got this mixed up with keypad '5' Test Mode.
Great Info!  I'll add to my task lisk.
For me wireless is the connection of last resort.

If you have interconnected smoke detectors, do they have a relay output?  If so, then just wire the output to a zone programmed as a fire zone and leave it at that, unless they are 10 years old or more, in which case they should be replaced.
Perfect thank you very much.

Yes the wireless smoke detectors is my final goal but my house has about 10 interconnected smoke alarms already installed so I was looking for a simple way to tie it to my system. I couldn't find a way to wire my current 120v smoke detectors to the system so I figured the firefighter would be a good gap filler till I start replacing alarms with wireless ones as they fail.

And yes I plan to eventually upgrade to the nx-8v2 in a couple years as I expand the system slowly.

Thank you again for your help.
Quick answer;

It will work - from what I can tell is configures itself as a smoke detector from the panel's perspective.  But why bother with a wireless device that does an acoustic pickup of an existing smoke detector?  If you have no cabling to the location Just install wireless smoke detectors and get it over with.

Again, I point out that you have a limited number of available zones with the NX6 - depending on your situation you might want to replace the board with an NX8V2 that supports 48 zones.

And, quite correctly indicated, all programming in almost every panel out there is sored in non-volatile memory and survives power downs.  About the only panels that I can remember that didn't use non volatile memory and which didn't have on board backup were the old ITI Caretaker series main boards.
Sorry, 2 more questions I just thought of as I was looking at products.

1. The interlogix firefighter slx-ad-t3 looks pretty cool. Will that work with the nx-548e and allow email notifications if I configure that in the nx-595e?

2. Simpler question, I think I have read a couple times that the system zone configurations and everything are not lost when I unplug the ac and battery backup for installs but I just wanted to confirm.

Thank you
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