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Going to throw in my recommendation for dual-tech motion detectors here.  Maybe that's just me being old school.

Had an outdoor shed getting false alarms from a wireless 5800PIR.  Installed correctly, absolutely no possibility of anything near it.  The alarms were happening 8, 8:30, 9 am every morning.  It was facing an outside wall that was on the east (sunrise) side.  My only thought was that the sun was heating up the tin wall enough to create the heat needed to trip the PIR element.  Moved it to that corner, facing out away from the wall.  Haven't been back there in a year or so.
We have gone away from window screens and will usually do a contact with venting magnets.  We are starting to get false alarms from screens, and replacement parts like the connectors that get installed in the window sill, and the wiring harnesses are no longer available, from anybody.
You need Compass and a connection method.  For the 128 panels, you need the serial printer module, and either a 9-pin serial port on your computer, or a keyspan serial to USB adapter.  Even then it's not that convenient.  You have to start Compass, load the account, start the connection, then run to a keypad and start the connection.

Another communication method is via Compass and a modem.  With the increase of digital/VoIP/fiberoptic lines, I had a bear of a time getting Compass to upload an entire panel via modem and phone line.

For the non-commercial panels (15P, 20P) there is no easy direct connect.  It is possible, and I have done it, but I can just as easily program via the keypad.
I agree.  The status LED module is a very easy add-on and they're not that expensive.  They connect right to the keybus and require no programming. 

Short of that, yes, you can use any PGM on the system, even a PGM on a keypad.  For our elderly getting-hard-of-hearing customers, or for areas that need an audible warning where there is no keypad nearby, we connect one of those little black piezos to a PGM following the keypad sounder.  They are obnoxiously loud, however, about as loud as your siren.  Chimes, like the ADI brand single-gang chime can be used, but the keypad PGM cannot support that current draw.  It has to go straight to the panel's PGM.  The PGM is basically a switched negative, but it's a solid state output through the panel's PCB, there is no relay, so therefore, the current limit is pretty low.  maybe 50mA or so.  You can drive a decent piezo, LED, or combination of the two at 50mA.  Or, you can use the PGM to trigger an RBSN relay.
The tactile beep when enabling/disabling the door chime on a DSC keypad.   It beeps a few times really quickly when turning on, and gives one long beep when turning off.  At least that's the case for the LCD5500 and 5501s and the newer PK5500s and 5501s.  I haven't seen an LED keypad in years, but I would imagine it's the same.  I think that's just local to whatever keypad is being used to enable/disable the chime.  I don't think all keypads on that system make that beep when one keypad is used.  I could be wrong, but I've never noticed it.  There are a few variables though, like the new panel.  The 5508 is a very basic LED keypad.

We are talking about the chime on/off tone, and not the actual door chime tone right?

This may be totally unrelated, but I wonder if two keypads sharing the same slot number can cause this.
Give us Your Input on this Forum / What I like about this forum:
« Last post by Magnum Alert on July 25, 2017, 11:10:36 PM »
Hey friends, new and old.  I promise that I do occasionally pop onto this old forum here, admittedly not as much as I used to.  I do still thing, "man, I've really got to pop onto the forum and see what's new!".   Still a community!

I've been a member since 2005, and a moderator for ten of those 12 years.

What I like about this forum is, we have true pros on here.  It was easy to jump onboard with the facebook-based security groups but very quickly had my fill of it with peoples' egos and company bashing.  One member would post a picture of his/her work and a dozen other tradespeople were ready to nitpick and critique about stuff they forgot, like bushings for knockouts, etc.  When I talked about my company, a member made a reference to my company being cheap and I went on a rant and deleted myself from that mess.  I like it here.  People are cool and not flaunting their egos.   And we still have enough visitors that there is always a flow of information.  And, well, some of us have also been on here for a decade!  I remember names like MmmDee and Security Monitor.

Hope everybody is wiring well.  Keep the questions coming.

~ Dan / Magnum Alert
Give us Your Input on this Forum / Re: Looking for help as ADMIN?
« Last post by Magnum Alert on July 25, 2017, 11:06:08 PM »
A little late to the party here, but I've been a forum member now since 2005!  Throwing my name in
I am having problems backing up a few min of video to a USB drive. My NVR is Samsung SRN-1673S

The external USB flash drive is instantly recognized. After I choose the date, time and cam the OK button at the bottom is still greyed out.

There is also a drop down menu next to TYPE giving me the option of NVR or SEC Iíve tried both and still the ok button is greyed out.

I have also tried using several USB flash drives using FAT32. This is the format Samsung says to use. The book also says to use a Samsung or Sandisk flash drive. I don't have these brand USB flash drives at the moment though the NVR reads the capacity of the USB drive and will even format from the NVR menu.
 Anyone have this issue before? Thank you!
There's no particular trick to entering *191. You may have a flaky "1" key on your 6160. Do you have another keypad on your system? *191 can be programmed from any keypad. You only need an Alpha for zone and other menu-mode programming.

If you're trying to enable keypad address 18, then I can infer you have address 17 (*190) already enabled, so even if you don't already have a 2nd KP, you can put one on 16 or 17 to program 18. 

BTW, this is why I just go ahead enable at least 4 KP addresses when I first install a system, since I'm already in programming, so it'll be KP-ready when I decide to add one or two later on.
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