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Hey rrc,

Glad to hear you were able to get it done... Yes its a nightmare for the upgrades. very time consuming! I make sure i ask for current version panel on every order i make now
General Digital Video Discussion Forum / Re: Very Nice Forum
« Last post by ChosunOne on October 17, 2017, 05:38:13 AM »
Hi, Davidemorm.  Welcome to the board.
General Digital Video Discussion Forum / Very Nice Forum
« Last post by Davidemorm on October 17, 2017, 04:37:16 AM »
Very Nice Forum. Just want to say hi.
My recommendation is to use zones 17 thru 32 for your wireless devices. You can mix wireless and hardwired zones on zones 1 thru 8 but I recommend leaving the hardwired zones available for future expansion. 
My system started with 16 zones and over time has increased to 24 zones with the addition of motion detectors, CO detectors, water detector and low temperature alarms.
Thanks @AlarmMike & dilligaf! I appreciate the feedback from both!
I reiterate what dilligaff stated about mixing hardwire and wireless within banks of 8 zones.

If zone 9 is the only hardwire zone in 9-16, then yes you can remove it from the PC5108, wire it to the terminals of a wireless WS4945, remove the PC5108 from the system, reset module supervision, then you can use 9-32 as wireless.  Personally, I would start wireless at zone 32 and work backwards with the devices, thus putting  11-16 on 27-32 and leave the PC5108 available for hardwire 9-16.
Wow, that sucks! I never thought that would be the problem. Thanks. I will try to move the zone 9 hardwired to somewhere else. Can I use wireless and hardwired on the PC1616 PCB itself? or does the same rule apply (i.e., no mixed zones on the PC 1616)? Also, can I hook up the hardwired zone 9 contacts to a WS4945 wireless module instead of the zone expander to be able to keep the same zone number?

You cannot mix wireless zones and hardwired zones on a group of zones assigned to a zone expander module. If the PC 5108 is set for zones 8 thru 16 you need to program your wireless devices to zones 17 thru 32. the PC1616 is capable of expanding to 32 zones using wireless for zones 17 thru 32.
Hi All,

Thanks in advance for the time to respond. I completely set up my PC1616 (V4.23) and I have an Envisalink 4 and a zone expander module (PC5108 V2.0) and RFK5500 keypad also installed on the system. I am now completely stumped. I added additional wireless sensors (New DW4975 Vanishing Sensors) for 6 new hurricane impact windows. I followed the directions to the letter (Enrolled in proper zones (804, 11-16), programmed the ESNs, programmed the zone definitions (03), enabled the wireless attributes in 111-116, then programmed the partition zones (203-Zones 11 thru 16) on) and everything was seemingly working fine with no malfunctions or troubles. The first time I armed the system (yes, the green check light was on), after the exit delay, the alarm went off instantly (all zone 11-16 Attributes/Definitions are 03-Instant). Now I have open zones/troubles in zones 11-16 which are the new sensors. I tried changing the batteries to no avail. the placement test works fine on all zones. However, when I open the zones (11-16) and close them, I get the triple beep and the troubles go away, and I get a green light and the yellow triangle light goes out. When I turn on the alarm and immediately after the exit delay, the alarm trips and sounds, and then when I cancel the alarm I get the same open zones 11-16 and the trouble light comes on. Be advised that zone 9 (using the zone expander module) is the only hardwired zone currently being used by the zone expander module. Also, everything is programmed on Partition 1. What am I missing?

Iím not a pro.  Iíve installed 5 Vista 20Ps. My current home has a supplimental aux ps and it works great. Not sure if a 100ah battery with a float charger would work. The 20P will be attempting to charge the battery in addition to the float charger trying to charge the battery. Itís possibly could cause a failure of the 20p board.

If your monitored, shortly after power is lost central station would get a notification of loss of power. If itís not monitored and just a noise maker thatís a different story.

You could get inexpensive central station monitoring via phone line for $9/mo or cellular from Alarm Relay for about $15/ mo.

If you have internet at the site you could install a Envisalink and self monitor with text messages for free.

Still, a single 18ah battery should give you excess of 5 Days and with addition of supplemental ps with a second 18ah battery it may get you  10 Days or more.

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