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Awesome - thanks!
I assume I have a 6150 - how could I tell?
They are likely the "standard" keypad for a residential system?
So you are suggesting there would be no real reason not to just keep my Vista 15P?
The only thing that I have read is that some alarm companies lock them out if they stop monitoring?
I guess if that happens I just go with a DSC?
Sound like you’re exactly the right kind of guy that would be able to program your Vista 15P

There are some very good YouTube videos that walk you through programming.  Search YouTube. Search YouTube for “honeywell vista 20p programming” and view the videos from Bounder97

You would need an Alpha keypad like a 6160.  Just replace your 6150 with it.

Envisalink is a great product. Easy to install.
Here’s the EVL instructions

Do It Yourself Security Community Chat / Re: Forum feedback
« Last post by Microfiche on Today at 06:56:57 AM »
I would agree 100%
We currently have a Vista 15P with (I think) a 6150 keypad. Not sure how to ID the keypad?
It is hooked to our POTS phone line and monitored by an alarm company.
What I would like to do is move to a VoIP system for my phone, and then self monitor the alarm via the Internet.
The VoIP move is what prompted the alarm system change.
I have gone through the box and identified all the wiring, it is pretty basic - 2 door contacts, 2 motion sensors, a tamper and a freeze sensor, each in their own zone.
What I am considering is adding an Envisalink4 to the system and then cancelling my monitoring.
I have never programmed an alarm system, but I am techy and have done software programming, home wiring, built computers, etc.
I understand the limitations of self monitoring over the Internet.
What I am trying to determine is:
  • Is this viable and what issues might I face?
  • Is there a lot of programming to do, and would I need a new keypad to do it?
  • Would I be better off just getting and setting up a new DSC system? Could I use existing sensors?
Appreciate any advice. I have been Googling and researching forums for a bit, and pretty sure I can do this, but have also "heard" that doing a DSC system might be easier. I am saving $300/year CAD if I cancel monitoring, so I am not worried about spending a little money.
You didn't default the integrated receiver in the keypad.

To default:  * 8 xxxx 996 xxxx 996
Where xxxx is your installer code.

902 refreshes the panel for which modules are connected
903 views those modules which are being supervised

996 defaults the RF5132 receiver
Where is the key to publishing the forum content?
Where can you find more information on the forum so that I can share it with others?
I have a PC1832 v4.6 connected to a RFK5500. I've defaulted the panel and the keypad. When I try to enroll a wireless contact that was enrolled prior to the defaults it says "duplicate enrolement" and won't accept it. What am I missing?  I even performed a 903 to unenroll the 5132 and a power reset but no help.
Thank you Bramfrank for your reply.

Yes.. did all that and yes I get an email when there is an alarm.
The email letherhead begins with "Status report from ..." and the content tells me "alarm, the zone and area, with time and date.
It is great that I get the alarm.

I got another question.. I want to get similar email notification when arming or disarming the alarm. Is this possible with this NX595?
Kindly share your experience.

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