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I have an Alexor I installed about six years ago and the system started chirping yesterday and the keypad was blank and would not respond to input.  I had just replaced batteries in keypad a week earlier but replaced them again and no change.  Alarm monitoring company called to tell me a low battery trouble.  They said the fault was with the battery at the main box, not keypad.  I've ordered a new system backup battery.

However, what does not make sense to me is why a dead backup battery would disable the system.  It still has AC power, but keypad is blank and will not let me do anything.  Is this normal operation when the backup battery is dead? 

I installed the Alexor several years ago and now need to add another motion detector.  One challenge is that I do not know the zone numbers for my current sensors.  Not sure if that is needed or not.  I can find instructions on initial set up, and adding sensors, but can't find anything on how to add another sensor to an existing system.  Any help/links would be appreciated.

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