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Thanks for the reply Magnum. I did verify that field 50 is set to 0.

To trip the alarm, the last day of testing I have been using arm instant by pressing #7 on the keypad. It will light the red "armed" LED and announcement "arm instant" and then count down through the exit delay and then once again announce "arm instant".  I wait at least 3 minutes and then open either a exit zone type 1 or a perimeter zone type 3. It always responds the same by almost immediately seizing the phone line. I can tell it seizing the line when my phone shows a "no line" message. But it very rarely actually dials out and it never attempts a second try or displays a "comm Failure" message. I waited twenty minutes and nothing. But as soon as I enter my user code and press 1 (off). It immediately will dial the CS and send a "restore" message.

I tried doing a dialer test by Enter Installer Code + 5 [TEST] , then press 1. I've waited 10 minutes but it never does the test and never reports and results.

*8 - 5555 - 902
Kind of a long shot, but check the abort delay in field 50.  By default, it's set to 2, which delays reporting of burglary alarms 30 seconds after the siren sounds.  Disarming it in that abort delay time cancels the alarm report (and _shouldn't_ report a zone restore...).  Make sure it's set to 0.

How exactly are yo getting it to trip and dial out?
Alarm Installers Tips and Tricks / Re: question about Vista 20p zone expansion
« Last post by Magnum Alert on February 14, 2019, 06:56:32 PM »
Nope.  Zones operate independently of their piggybacked doubled zone.  So if you needed to bypass zone 10, which shares the same physical input as zone 2, zone 2 will be unaffected.  By using different EOL resistors on 2 and 10 (for instance), the panel is able to differentiate which zone is faulted.  The only caveat is that only normally closed loops can be used, so no fire, CO or other normally open devices can be used on any input that is set up for zone doubling.  Zone doubling works great in a pinch, but it will make the wiring to the panel a bit messy, so be sure to label your wires and their zone number!  I think it's a 3k resistor for zones 2-8, and a 6.2k resistor for zones 2-10 when zone doubling is used.  the 2.0k resistors will not be used on doubled zones.

When it says "does not increase the total number of zones supported", that means that zone doubling does not allow you to have over 48 zones, which is the total number supported by the 20P.  I guess if you had all 48 zones used, they're saying that zone doubling cannot expand the system any further.
This system has been working, as configured, flawlessly for many years. I have a Envisalink board installed that has been and is still working flawlessly. I first realized there was a problem when I received an alarm from Eyezon but never got a call from the Central Station. I went home and corrected the fault and restored the alarm and only then did the CS station call to ask about the restore. After much testing, I have come to the conclusion that when an alarm condition comes in the 20P will always grab the line and sometimes complete the call to the CS, but most of the times doesn't even dial out and never reties to dial out even when it failed on the first attempt. But on a restore condition it dials out every time and makes a report on the restore. If I have *41 with my cell number instead of the CS, it will dial my cell 8 times and then display a COMM FAILURE message, but only if it is a restore report. I made sure all the Report Codes (*56) are not zero and I tried powering the whole system down and then back up. I've also disabled the Envisalink by changing *29 to a 0 and *49 to a 1 and *55 to a 0. I'm at a complete loss of what else to try.

I also use an OBI 202 using Google voice for my phone system, but I doubt that is the issue because when the initial alarm comes in and the 20P doesn't complete the call to the CS, it should keep trying 8 times and then throw out a COMM FAILURE, but it doesn't do that at all on the alarm but does on the restore. Plus the phone line is very clean and the phone works flawlessly. Too weird. Any idea what I should try next?

Alarm Installers Tips and Tricks / Re: question about Vista 20p zone expansion
« Last post by aznative on February 14, 2019, 12:31:27 PM »
I was of this opinion because of what I read in the Installation/operation manual Section 2 page 6 (2-6) titled Zone Doubling.   This feature provides two hardwired normally closed zones for each standard hardwired zone connected to the control's terminals (but does not increase the total number of zones supported by the control).  I also take it from this statement that you have to bypass control of both zones if a problem occurs and you haven't repaired it yet.  Is this correct?

Thank you
Alarm Installers Tips and Tricks / Re: question about Vista 20p zone expansion
« Last post by Magnum Alert on February 12, 2019, 09:17:13 PM »
If you use zone doubling, your base zones will be numbers 2-8 and the expanded zones will be 10-16.  They don't "share" zone numbers.  So it sounds like what you're hearing is not correct.

Yes, both the 4219 and 4229 expanders will show 8 different zones.

for your electric latch, you could use an Altronix timer relay that holds the relay for 30 seconds after being triggered by the panel.
I fiddled with DLS 5 to try get a pattern. But I gave up when I couldn't upload Phone number 1 and 2 together, but individually it works.
So there is something interrupting the communication. I haven't changed anything with the network either.

Update 2:
I also tried with another laptop and switch to rule out any actual network problems. The same fault sadly.
Alarm Installers Tips and Tricks / question about Vista 20p zone expansion
« Last post by aznative on February 12, 2019, 12:50:35 PM »
I'm remodeling my home and wish to use hardwired sensors as much a possible but the vista 20p has only 8 hard wired zones.  I want 13. I read up on using zone doubling resistors and it looks like it still only reports as a single zone.  Is this correct?

Does a zone expander #4229 allow for reporting of individual zones on the expander?

Also, I need a relay expansion relay module to trip an electric latch.   I need it to activate and hold for a duration of time say 30 seconds.    Looking at the programming manual, it
  The Vista 20p manual has the procedure to address these modules thru the special functin keys which would be great.  Unfortunately I does not give a time length/limit of activation.  It looks like I would have to use a special function key to activate and one to de-activate.  Is this correct?

Lastly, this isn't my first go around with a vista 20p.  I"ve programmed three with  both wireless PIRs and FOBs.   I've never done any expansion module programming and it looks more difficult.  I'm hoping my comprehension improves when I fill out the work sheets.  Any and all inputs will be appreciated.

BTW I may end up going with battery powered wireless motion dectectors and doubling  up to get my  5 extra zones if I must.

Thanks for the feed back in advance.
Try taking it down to the basics of just the panel, one keypad and the TL260 and see if you can obtain a full transfer both ways.

Thank you for responding!
I just came back from testing and did the following:
- Started the panel with only the keypad (new cable straight to the panel without anything else connected to the keybus)
- Did a factory reset 999
- Downloaded a working template with the PC-Link cable directly to the panel and that worked.
- Installed the TL260 and did the following:
[382] and confirm that Toggle Option [5] (Ethernet Module Enabled)
[167] program 060 (seconds)
[401] set Toggle Option [1] Downloading Answer Enable to ON

After that everything started up nicely and i did an initial upload of everything to the computer.
Without changing anything I just pressed download everything back to the panel (via the TL260). But then I got my old friend "IP: Connection Broken Before Completion"
Is the TL260 toast and if so, how did that happen? It's almost brand new?

I noticed that the firmware on the TL260 (hardware v1.13) is not the latest. But I cant really tell if the latest is intended for my market (Sweden)
Current firmware: 0113010B (the bootloader version is the same)
Latest firmware: 3.05 build 003
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