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To me it sounds like a test timer going off. Has the main control box battery been replaced lately, a battery usually should be replace every 3-5 years. A lot of panels the test timers try to send in a test signal on battery only and if it's low it can cause different troubles.
I have a 4 year old NX-8e. For the past month every morning we wake up to the Fire LED blinking and have to reset it when disarming.  In checking the event log (*90), I can see that each and every day at precisely 5:32 AM the are two reports; "Exp Trb 76" & "Exp Trb 240" followed by a pair of Exp Trb Rst for both at 5:33 AM and that's when the fire light starts blinking.  I'm not aware of any timed events scheduled. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks.  I will try to post a link to my Flikr account.
I could not post pictures, either, but someone else did so by uploading to

and then posted the link in the message.  Check out,38213.0.html

to see how it looks in my thread on "Cleaning up panel box with Vista 20P."
I changed field 2 from 07 to 00.  That change caused field 22 to change from 07 to 00 and 23 from 07 to 01.  I am still getting this error that prevents arming the system without a power cycle.  I also find it odd that these errors taking awhile to pop up. 

I took some pics of the modules that I can not post. Site says  "The attachments upload directory is not writable. Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved." 

The wireless module appears to be a SA4281M.

I don't want to default the system until I am certain I can restore functionality.


the pgm will activate when armed in away and deactivate when disarmed so you wont really need another one to activate upon disarm to achieve what you want, just have a relay trigger whatever device you need to shut the valve when active, and open the valve when inactive,.....if you need more pgms, a 5208 board will give you 8 more, the keypads can also be configured for additional pgm outputs on the 5th terminal.
Not sure of your setup but you may want to rethink shutting the main off everytime you arm in away, my personal opinion is itís probably not a good idea, water heater still on, ice-maker etc,etc. plus may cause issues just turning off and on possibly several times a day, like I said though I know nothing about your actual setup just something to think about
I'm still doing research on the PGM programming to shut a valve when away. PGM output option 017 says it activates in away mode. I do not see a PGM output for disarming. Any ideas? It looks like i'll need a PC5208 if more PGM's are required.
Thank you
I posted a general question elsewhere but this is a little more specific for this panel.  Right now I just have some door contacts.  I want to at least add some motion sensors, and from what I gather, they are pretty immune to false alarms now.  We don't have any pets now but may get a dog in the future.  I figure probably 3 or 4 should cover all areas of the house (one of them can be wired because I already have a wire running to this location in the hall.  Which model motion sensors do you recommend for this system that are least prone to false alarms and pet immune?

I do also have a lot of large pane windows so do you think glass break sensors are a good idea?  How are those with false alarms and what types of things can set them off?  If the alarm is armed and I am watching TV, can something on there set it off?  Appreciate some recommendations on these as well.  Thank you.
In the Ademco document above, 73 and 74 do not apply to the 4110 series panel.  The 4110 series has virtually no expansion capability, so many of the system zones like that, that we'd see on a larger Vista panel, do not exist.

Are you sure that's a wireless receiver connected?  Is it an Ademco brand, or is it something like Linear?  If it's an Ademco, it's using the old 5700 series wireless.  You won't really "lose" anything, do you know what your current zones are?  The transmitters have DIP switches set to be a specific zone number.  I'm looking at the 4110XM installation book on and it shows that the wireless zones are preset to specific responses, for example, transmitters that are set to zones 10-13 will be delay zones, etc.  It looks like you'll need to program the same house ID number that is currently programmed into the system now, in field 24.
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