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It's probably in communication fail due to your home phone and cell phone don't give an acknowledgement tone to kiss off. Do a *2 and see what zones show up.
only thing i can think of if you cant add a pgm board is to assign a 2nd partition with the zones you want to follow and program the pgm for ready status. what exactly are you trying to do?
Cant all pgms are being use and wasnt speced to add output boards
Well I appreciate all of your help.  If you find yourself down here, shoot me an email and drink are on me!
Yeah, I figured out the account number installer code thing.  But really, programming takes minutes, if that.  It's so easy.  I even have my latching strobe set up on the bell output while using a speaker on the siren driver terminals.

I just wish I could figure out how to set up a keyswitch zone.  Then I could use the Telguard mobile app for remote arming/disarming.
I'm near Harrisburg, PA, and I once serviced a security system at some school in Annapolis, maybe two years ago!  ha.

The report codes only matter if you're being monitored.  The digits are what code the system actually transmits when that zone has an alarm.  There is kind of a science to setting up report codes for older systems.  It's kind of an older technology, where you'd tell burglary zone 1 to report maybe code 31, panic zone 4 to report a 24, maybe the code for a low battery would be F8, etc.  Nowadays, there are standardized reporting formats like Contact ID, and making the report code anything other than 00 makes it automatically transmit data that the installer normally needs not be concerned with.

Is reprogramming the panel from scratch really that hard? The only tricky part I imagine would be configuring the zones, and I'm pretty sure even that wouldn't be too hard. A lot of the programming is specific to Brinks reporting and would end up being changed anyway.

If it helps, the installer code is always the same as the primary account number that's programmed in. If the system hasn't been disabled, you could probably get it by tapping the phone line and doing a comm test. I think the maximum is six digits, so you could try using the first/last six digits of the previous monitoring account number.
Success!  You nailed it.  The only question I have is what is the difference in the reporting of your recommended of 1,1 (1,5,1,1) vs. 3,0 (1,5,3,0) that my other transmitters have been using in 76, 80 & 81?

If you are in or near Annapolis, MD, I'd like to buy you libations.

Thanks for all of the help.

This is the picture of the keypad with service light ON. Thanks

Hello All, I got some update with the new keypad and board that I installed. I went into keypad programming by pressing:
Enter program: 1. press * + 8
2. press 9713 (default)
3. press 0 + #

Move to location:
1. press: 0 + #
2. press: 15 * (for tone dialing) +  9 * + 3 * + 6 * etc ( End Phone Number with 14 *)
3. press: # to exit location

Exit Program:
1. press: # to exit any program location
2. press: EXIT KEY twice (note: panel beep for 1 second)

I tried testing the alarm by first arming it using default code 1234 and it armed the system.
Next: I manually tripped alarm and keypad show alarm trip ( keypad makes constant beeping). I waited for the system to call the phone but did not get any call. What am I doing wrong? Could someone help me please? I notice that the keypad service light is still ON and could not find a way to exit service mode. Could that be the problem why it would not make call? I tried pressing EXIT several time but would not exit service mode. I will post picture of keypad. Thanks All
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