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You can use relays connected to PGMs to shunt the zones based on armed state.
The Second question:

Do you want to be able to arm the system in stay mode and have the overhead door bypassed so you can go in and out while armed in stay but have the house interior door still armed?

In order to do this you would make the garage zone a stay/away type 05, and the interior door either a delay zone type 01 or 02, or instant zone type 03

Does this answer the question?
Thanks for the quick reply! I have another question now that I think about it... is it possible to setup a zone for my garage door so the exterior overhead door is armed in stat mode, but not in away and the interior door to the house is armed in away but not in stay? (Without having to bypass it each time)
Yes, you can install both 2 and 4 wire smokes on your system.

No, you cannot have another PGM programmed as 2-wire smokes, only PGM2.

You have three choices:
- Add more smokes to your 2-wire loop
- Add 4-wire smokes
- Add a PC5100 addressable module and install FSB-210B(T) on the loop
DSC is pretty bullet proof once installed and programmed.

Aside from the one-button method of turning Chime on and off, it can also be enabled with * 4.  So I suspect someone recently pressed *4 inadvertently, like if they were meaning to bypass (*1).  I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it happens again soon.
Thank you for the reply. That's exactly what I was needing to know.
Am I able to have 2-wire smoke detectors and 4-wire detectors on an 1864? I have 2-wire smoke detectors all wired together in my basement, but Iím putting in smoke detectors in the bedrooms upstairs. Itís a lot cheaper to go with wired. If not this, can I have 2 zones of 2-wire? I just really donít want every single smoke detector in the house on one zone since that would make it really hard to know where a fire is.

Also, does the ws4913 carbon monoxide detector work with the rfk5501?

PC1832 V4.60

All of a sudden, coming home from work yesterday I noticed the Door Chime sounds whenever a contact is opened.

What would cause this feature to activate itself?  I have not noticed any other anomalies but am concerned if it starts acting up.

I installed the system last year and have disabled this feature from day 1. Last time I entered the system was about 2 months ago. There have not been any power outages recently.

Hello Twisted.
Many thanks, yes found it and rectified.
Don't suppose you know if the PIR batteries (CR-123A) could be re-chargeable ones, would be cheaper over time. The mAh is nearly double so would hopefully last a lot longer. These are 2300mAh in stead of 1450, also can be recharged 1000 times, voltage is a bit higher at 3.7v instead of the 3v.
the 738a allows you to connect a ademco/honeywell wireless receiver the xr200.  It is not an ecp bus interface for anything else. It is great to see you are still using an xr200 but you could upgrade that and get the full suite of remote features with a new DMP panel.
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