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That simplifies things,
Thanks Mike
Section 380 option 1 OFF will disable the communicator.  PGM's will remained operative for your auto-dialer.
Right now the panel dials out to my cell, my wife's cell and a neighbor, I've never had CS monitoring.
The call is just a bunch of tones, but everyone knows when they hear the tones it's my alarm going off. That's the reason why I want to install the dialer. The dialer will send 4 different messages to four different numbers depending on which input is violated. I want to set it up to announce Burglary, Fire, Co and Water. I want a 30 second delayed transmission of the fire message because sometimes we get a little carried away with the cooking and set a smoke off, of course the delay would be on the phone call only and not on the bell. The phone line will be moved over to the dialer. I'll have to experiment with the communications programming to avoid a fault on the panel...I should be able (hopefully) to defeat any communications programming but if that messes up the 07 definition on the smokes...I have a few ideas I'll have to play with.
As for a mess, all the new hardware will be mounted in a separate enclosure and I have the original programming saved on a DLS 5 program, so I can revert back to the original setup pretty easily.
And I will be drawing a schematic for the new setup if only for my own troubleshooting.
...besides, its a fun project and it keeps me off the streets :)
Yeah that should work,  is the on board communicator set up to call a central station? If it is not and no phone # is programmed in 301 the communication delay function pgm may not work, im not sure, if it doesnt work put a random # like 555-1212 in section 301 and program communication format to 06(sect 350) assuming of course you are not actually needing the alarm dialer to dial anyone.

You may also have to program the zone attribute #7 on so the fire zones actually have a communication delay.

This, by the way, is what i meant by “making a mess of things”. This is a whole lot of outside the box stuff that noone other than you will ever understand if they have to get into that box or programming for whatever reason. It’s a mess. Personally I would just have the dialer dial out in the event of a fire alarm or use auto verify fire, that is my advice, take it or leave it.
I may have found a solution. The PS5208 and the Auto Dialer are both in the same enclosure, I also install a relay bank (8 relays) in the same enclosure for future expansion. (Looks like they come in handy now).
In the diagram below Output #1 on the PS5208 is programmed for 35 and follows zones 10,11& 12 (Smokes)
Output #2 is programmed for 25 'Delayed Burglary & Fire'
Relays 1 and 2 are wired as an AND circuit so when both O1 and O2 are activated the NC circuit to the auto dialer is opened causing the auto dialer to activate.

There is no good way to accomplish this without making a mess of things, your best option would be trying to define the zone as a 29, and see if that does what you need , the timer function on the PGM is for timing how long the PGM is activated.
I am very aware of the restrictions regarding dialing police or fire and that is not my intent.
It is to call family members.
Please elaborate on the purpose of the auto-dialer and what you are trying to accomplish.

If you intend on pointing the auto-dialer to call 911 with a pre-recorded message, I would STRONGLY urge you to contact your local jurisdiction.  Most PSAP's (public-safety answering point) prohibit the use of them in calling 911 now.  They were popular in the 70's and 80's, but now are frowned upon and may end up with a hefty fine if used for that purpose.

I'm adding a PC5208 Low Current Output Module Expander to my PC1832 Panel for the purpose of triggering an auto-dialer's inputs.
My smokes are programed as 07 - 'Delayed 24 Hour Fire' .
I'd like to program one of the outputs on the PC5208 to activate when a only a fire alarm occurs - that's easy by assigning PGM option 10 'Latched System Event' and further defining that event as "Fire Event Only' BUT I'd like the output not to activate until the 30 second communication delay (as defined in the Delayed 24 Hour Fire assignment) or the lack of acknowledgement (*72) has elapsed.
I see a 'follows timer' option in the DSL programming, is that what I'm looking for?
Can someone explain how that function works.
Hey all-

Looking for a source to sell me rolls of material to create my own alarm screens.

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