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Great discussion going on here, and thanks for the the document junav...I seem to have a different issue, maybe someone has some insight.

I have an older version of the Powermax software on my alarm and it doen't have the "C.S. Reporting" menu to change the IP address.. so instead I changed it by telneting into the alarm and doing it from the cli menu

    Run telnet to your Powerlink at port 7523, log in.
    Run: /misc/wc-pxa255/binaries/cli -d
    Select "7" ("DB operations").
    Select "2" ("Write To DB").
    Select "2" ("pmax tables db").
    Type "57" ("table id").
    Type "1" ("item number").
    Type "1" ("parameter").
    Type "".
    Type "q q q".

    After doing so I can now see the keep alive requests, and answers from my server, using wireshark... My problem is there are no notifications coming from the alarm, just keep alive requests.

    I did notice the GET request has another field that wasn't in the one posted.  Mine has a "not_enrolled=1". Could it be the alarm is not accepting the reply?  I'm guessing the alarm doesn't send notifications unless the keep alives are working, is this true?  Not sure what else to try.  Thoughts?

Here is the get request:
[Full request URI:]

My server responds with:
status =0&ka_time =50&allow =0&\n

Thanks for any help!

Sounds like an Ansul system?  Many times I have tied them to a FACP.. Normally what I have done in the past. Using appropriate wire/wiring methods prescribed by the AHJ.  Bring the wire to the suppression system controls/micro switch. Have the suppression system company make the connections. You will need to provide them with the EOL Resistor.
Hello All, new to this type of asking questions.
This is regarding TRBL showing on a Visonic PowerMaxComplete, it indicates a "Line Failure" is this referring to a land line connection or something else. I have as yet not connected a land line to it...a bit confusing.
Many thanks.
Okay Got it! Then there should be no issues as I believe DSC has fixed these issues with the keypad
The TR5164 comes in KIT64-WKP specified.
Are you just trying to communicate with telgaurd? or do you have a landline set as your primary? This may be far fetched but if you have an old landline wired into your tip and ring and it has been "disconnected" but still has voltage on it, and you installed a telgaurd backup then you will not receive coms for at least 3 tries on tele before switch over. unless you program it to not delay and do only one attempt on each.
I am a little confused with the question here? So you want to use a WT-5500 because you have no way of getting wires around to do a conventional keypad? Thats not the confusing part to me, just clarifying . What are the numbers beside all of the listed parts? is that a price you are presenting to us? Have you bought this system or are you also asking if that is a reasonable price?

Anyways, to continue with the question here. What is your Firmware. if it is current firmware, with my experience you should be fine just running with a wt-5500 and no hardwired keypad as enrolling happens now through power up.

1. Power up the control panel, within the first 2 minutes of power up the panel is looking for new devices to enroll.
2. Power up the keypad (WT-5500) When powered up, Hold * and 1 at the same time, this forces a Electronic serial number broadcast through the keypad. At this point the keypad will be enrolled and you can begin programming the system as if it was a standard keypad.

Issue that I immediately see here... I dont see a TR5164-433 in your parts list. In order to use a two-way device, IE. WT-5500 or WT-4989, you must have a transceiver. Common mistake used is that people will get a receiver for the system and try to add a WT-5500 later on but cant. So please verify that you have a transceiver not a receiver module This must be wired onto the combus so you have to have at least one wire run for that. I have found the Transceiver has very good strength and have actually had other peoples devices from neighboring houses trying to enroll on my customers panel while in section (898).

Any other questions please let us know


To make both entry delays and exit delay all 45 seconds, the key sequence is as follows.  (Looks like you have it correct.)

* 8 xxxx 005 01 045 045 045 ##

Where xxxx is the installer code, not to be confused with the master code.
Do you get a series of beeps or one long tone after you enter the installer code?
Thank you for the reply, I will try that and report back
Please help me
I tried
*8 (installer code - 5555)
enter section (005)
enter section (01)
enter data 045
enter data 045
enter data 045
it didn't work, please help me what am I doing wrong?
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