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The last time I was very knowledgeable about alarm systems; well, let's just say phones didn't have cameras on them.

For the last few decades, my go-to security was a surveillance system and a simple hardwired job paired with the someone's-always-home-and-we-are-armed method.

I am in need up a security upgrade due to the neighborhood's recent addition of several (rival) gangs. Our crime rate has gone up. Our theft and burglary rate has gone up and I am starting to worry for some neighbors who have had gang bangers reported and arrested for property crimes.

So. I have several questions which I will try to condense to this thread. Feel free to chime in on one, some, or even all of the questions and concerns I have.

I live in a fenced split-level with about a dozen windows of varying sizes, 2 doors which lead to the outside and one which leads from the basement to the main level. I have a few large, aggressive dogs in the 90-130 lb range. They are 99% of the time outdoor only. The doors and windows are pre-wired for a hardwire system but it's being gutted to the bare wires.

I want a system with high security. I have been looking at DSC; but am open to any system except SimpliSafe. Too many horror stories about their security holes.

What brands deliver ROCH SOLID hardwired security? I want to keep wireless to a minimum as I am VERY much familiar with how easy it is to jam, spoof and circumvent even the highest end wireless protocols. I also need a system that allows me to change or delete EVERY single master, installer, factory code. I absolutely DO NOT trust monitoring companies. I know enough people in relevant fields that I do not trust employees. I don't want even Jesus Christ himself to have access to the alarm codes. We have an alarm company here who has an A+ rating with the BBB and has been around longer than I've been alive and I trust them as far as I can throw the Sun.

I do NOT want my alarm company to have the ability to monitor cameras, activate microphones on my surv. system OR on my alarm panel / keypads. And I do NOT want them to be able to arm, disarm or reprogram my system. I know how to program it. I just need them to call me when there is an issue and call police if need be.

I do NOT want it connected to any kind of smart devices. My fridge and toaster don't need a computer in them. Call me an old fart. I wear it with pride :)

So far, I figure I need the following things:

Main panel with a battery backup, dialers, a GSM and ethernet module, keypads, panic buttons, remote fobs, door and window contacts, motion detectors and maybe fire / carbon monoxide detectors.

Am I missing anything?

Can I have the alarm only dial out to the monitoring service without them being able to monitor cameras/microphones, arm /disarm etc? i can verify video if I'm not home. I have wifi access almost constantly. I just want them to be able to call me and the police if needed.

Or maybe I just need to self monitor.

Also. what happens in the event the power goes down and the battery dies? Internet outage? Someone jams the signal?

If I am missing anything let me know. Or if you have other suggestions, I'm open to them. When it gets to the point you worry for your family's safety, you have to take that seriously. Which is what I'm trying to do before it gets worse than it is.

Thanks everyone.

PS: I don't have a lot of free time with everything going on. Please, excuse me if I take a while to reply.
Do It Yourself Security Community Chat / Install My Own System
« Last post by BobDE on August 14, 2018, 04:20:49 PM »
Sorry to do this, but I have researched a lot and remain confused.

I live in a house that was built in 1990. I have an Ademco system that must have been installed as an afterthought. The windows and doors all have wireless sensors. In all there are 49 sensors including heat and smoke detectors. I am thinking that this is overkill?

I knew that this day was coming and it is here. The system is so old that you can not get parts for it. And it is on it's last leg.

I consider myself very handy and do a lot of my own projects. As long as there is no fishing wires through walls, etc., I think that I could handle the job. (It would be nice to have a product that has great customer service in case I get jammed up)

So I would like to share my needs and see if someone could recommend a system. Thanks in advance!

I would like a system that:

1. could be added on to if I want something new or different.
2. I would like to have a live camera so that I can view my fish pond for problems if I am away.
3. door chimes if a door is opened.
4. adjustable motion detectors to allow for a small dog.
5. easy to install and program.
6. cell call to central monitoring.
7. app for my cell phone.

I have no children in the house. Just a small dog. When we vacation there is a house sitter that stays here and watches the dog and house.

So if someone could point me to a system that fits the above and a monitoring service that won't break the bank, I would be very grateful!

Not the only keypad on the system, the other one is addressed as 22.

But I didn't think this one had to be 16, that 16 could be empty. So I really wanted to know for sure what it is addressed as.

And, I really am interested in why I can't get the address from the 6128?? If its malfunctioning, I would like to know that as it works for activating and deactivating the alarm.
Vista 20P.  2nd 6160 in bedroom has a very bright red LED when armed (according to the other occupant of the room).  So now it has a piece of tape over it so that it is not so bright.

Is there a way to alter this brightness?  I didn't find it in the manual. 
If I really had to I might be able to put a resistor in series but that is my very last choice of a solution.

If itís the only keypad then itís set to 16. Just set the replacement 6160 to 16 and you should be good to go.
So, using DL-900 what does the history report?  What does Keypad Status report when that ready light is off?

Have you taken all of the unused zones out of all the partitions?
I went back and looked at the event log and there were no entries relating to the "not-ready/no green ready light" event.

I looked at all the DL-900 menu items and noticed that under "View -> Keypad Settings" for each Zone 129 through 192 there were entries for "Zone xxx Bypassed" and "Zone xxx Tamper". I zeroed out all unused zones from 25 to 192 (it looks like the default was On or a "1" for Partition 1 for all of these zones). I also disconnected the only original old NX-148e keypad (re-enrolled everything and it is not in the system now) and will see what happens. The "View -> Keypad Settings" now shows only a "Ready" event.

I also noticed that "Expanders -> Keypad Options -> Partition 1 -> Keypad 3 (208)" which is the first of the two NX-1324E LED keypads, the "Select Module" dialog box does not have an LED keypad option (the only options showing are NX-148E/NX-1192E, NX-1248E, NX-148E-RF). Is there supposed to be an LED keypad option here to select and continue to the programming box?


I'm trying to get the address of a 6128 so I can replace it with a 6160. Every time I hold down the 1 and 3 buttons I get back something that looks like a "dE" with a flashing dash to the right of it.

Can anyone tell me what this means? How to get get its address and/or how to fix this?

Thanks Magnum Alert-

I'll try to find a new panel  online..   I didn't have it hooked up to the phone line when the lightning strike hit as we were not having it monitored and I had switched to an OOMA phone system.  But it is possible that a surge came through any way.  It blew a smoke detector too so it may have come through that.   It's time to get the system working again and get it monitored.

So, using DL-900 what does the history report?  What does Keypad Status report when that ready light is off?

Have you taken all of the unused zones out of all the partitions?
I'm not aware of any persistent issues with the NX-8e - the thing is beyond mature.  AFAIK the current version is 19 - we have panels running versions 4 though 19 in the field and no one seems to have complained about this sort of problem.  Do the LCD keypads also extinguish their ready lights (you said this happens with the LED pads).  It would indicate an issue with the LED keypads if that was the case because of the way the system works.  Are the keypads also as old as the hills?

I ask the same about the chime issue - do both keypad types miss chimes?

And Is that really a 148 non-e keypad?

Not saying one way or the other, but if indeed you have non-e accessories, try disconnecting them and re-enrolling without and see if the problems persist.
Thanks for the reply. When the NX-8E goes into that "non-ready/no green ready light" state, the green Ready light on all 4 keypads are OFF. It's off on both the 2 LED keypads and on the 2 LCD keypads. The 2 LCD keypads however display the "System Ready - Type Code to Arm" message at the same time their green Ready light is OFF (so, it would seem the green Ready light and the LCD Ready messaging component are 2 different bits of information).

It went into that "non-ready/no green ready light" state again last night and I left it that way overnight to see if it would recover on it's own. It stayed in the "non-ready/no green ready light" state this morning and pressing the Cancel button put it back into the normal Ready state with the green ready light ON.

Three of the keypads are new current E versions (2 LED and 1 LCD NX-148e-RF). The old LCD keypad I believe is an NX-148e as the circuit board says NX-148 with a sticker that says Version E.

One other thing I have noticed that is different from the old Caddx labeled NX-8 system is when entering the door with system armed on entry delay, the entry tone only sounds from the LCD keypads and not from the LED keypads (the sounder does work for other functions on the LED keypads).

One other note, the NX-8E was programmed by using the NX-586e/DL900 software, downloading the old NX-8 panel information and then uploading it to the new NX-8E panel. All information seems to have transferred correctly and it does connect to the central station for tests and daily reporting.

The problems along with the intermittent chime issue have me thinking it is time to try another NX-8E board?
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