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I am beyond frustrated with this VAM.  Took forever for me to get it connected to the router.  Had to use static IP.  They should just tell you that.  Then I thought it would be easy to connect to the internet for remote use.  After hours of research I realize you have to go through a dealer to get registered for Total Connect.

Anyway, I got it working on the local network, but cannot get a scene to allow me to use the zones.  It is not highlighted like all the other selections.  Why?  I can set the alarm from the interface.  I tried checking the RIS box too.  What is the RIS box?

Honeywell is horrible for user friendly stuff.  I use their aviation stuff and it is the same complicated stuff.  Any help appreciated.
Hey all...
Somehow, my Vista20 panel just popped up with a trouble code for zone 104 (the voice module). However, I have never had a voice module on this system.
I usually program using Compass. So I logged in, and sure enough is showed a Voice Module defined as Unit 4.
However, I could not figure out how to remove it using Compass.
I finally just went to a keypad, and set the *28 to 00, and all was good again.
But my question...  Where in Compass could I have made this change?


red / black power
green / white video signal

this universal?
can I take your word?
If I have a need for 12 cameras, then, what system do I choose? Do i go for Logitech as well?
Biometric Fingerprint Technology / Re: Is your finger the next alarm code?
« Last post by kojak on June 13, 2018, 11:24:51 PM »

Unlike keys or alarm codes, your personal traits are next to imposable to lose. They can also be very difficult to copy.

Yeah, it's like one of the last remnansts of inividualization via bodies. The more breaking and hacking will become digital only, the more those traits will not matter anymore. But for now, they are to stay here. Conf. Chinese system of assessment citizen trustworthiness, I think it's based on some biometric data gathering policy, too..
$14.99 is about what basic monitoring over a landline phone line should run for any system.  Check out Alarm Relay, their monitoring runs about $9-$10 a month. 
Awesome! You are officially the man! Everything worked perfectly as if you were standing beside me or doing it yourself. Lol. It was just as your instructions stated. Thank you so much!

Now, I just need to turn down the volume (or silence) on the keypad in the Bedroom (I have one downstairs by the Garage Entry door as well) so it doesn't wake up the wife and baby with all the beeping.

I'm thinking of adding a SimpliSafe system for monitoring as a secondary alarm system with the hard-wired system.
I know it may be overkill, however I do like the less expensive monitoring at only $14.99 a month for when we are
away from home or out of town.

Thanks again for your help!
Alarm equipment and Security Cameras for sale / Re: F/S: Honeywell 6460W Keypad
« Last post by Sparky2 on June 13, 2018, 03:18:00 PM »
Can I ask why you are switching to 2GIG system?
I re-booted computer and the disconnect works now.

Instead of rebooting, in either program, to disconnect, look for DISCONNECT under the DOWNLOAD menu item. 
Not to mention, the 2600 needs the DOS-based PCD2000 software.  Last time I tried to work on a 2600, my Windows Quickloader wouldn't support it.  That was probably 8 years ago, and was the only 2600 I've ever seen.   I wouldn't recommend an end user, even one who is tech savvy, try to undertake keypad programming on these (if they're anything like all other MA series panels).

I personally like Napco a lot, the Gemini panels are good and solid.  The 1008e and 1016e's were good and solid too, and I think those keypads are still available.  Every brand has their quirks, though I do like that modern Honeywell keypads will work with old 4110s and stuff.  Just gotta remember that the old keypads like the 6127s are set to address 31 and cannot be changed, and can't work with newer panels!!

Totally agree that keypad programming for any end user would be one helluva learning curve.

I've never programmed a 2600 from scratch but I had to modifications, corrections, and additions to the programming when they were new; via keypad programming.   My recollection was that they were  harder to navigate than the MA1000 series.  And they did have an unusually high keypad failure rate for some reason.  In all fairness, most Napco panels were solid, as you said.

I haven't had to deal with a 2600 since probably around 2000, thank technology and progress. 
I'm retired but I still do the occasional odd troubleshooting/repair job with my personal customers; Normally, I try to keep old equipment alive if it works, especially Ademco; but if someone wants me to take on a MA2600, my first recommendation will be to upgrade to something made in this century.
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