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Read your contract. BEWARE the cancellation window may be very limited. One company my mother was with required cancellation 30 days before expiration or it auto renewed. She missed the window by one week and was locked into another 3 years.
After 'speaking' with y'all then re-reading my contract, I decided to give ADT another call and let them explain the charges to me.  According to the most recent customer service rep, I do own my equipment and she will send over the document that was left out of my contract (that document is also missing from my account).  Excellent!  Another problem solved and moving on to the next topic.
Thank you AlarmMike and murphy62,

I have read the contract and it does say the equipment is leased in the standard verbiage of the contract. 

EQUIPMENT TO REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF ADT. All equipment installed by ADT pursuant to this Contract shall be owned by ADT unless ADT has agreed to give me ownership of the equipment in a separate written agreement. ADT has the right upon termination of this Contract to remove or disable any or all of the equipment owned by ADT, in which case I will not be able to use the equipment for any purpose. If the ADT-owned equipment includes a set-top base alarm unit, I will return it and the associated keypad(s) upon termination of this Contract as directed by ADT or I will be required to pay an unreturned equipment fee. See Paragraph 8 of the Terms and Conditions for more information.

(I'm not sure what is a set-top base alarm.)  The tech said I would own the equipment, I have a link to what looks like the charges but the link no longer works.  The only writing on the contract is my monthly fee, installation fee, and possibly security deposit but it doesn't cover the $446.54 charge.  It's definitely a one year contract, I had planned to part with them at that point.  I'll bring that up in my next topic.  I'm still trying to figure out these charges and I know we have people who used to work for ADT on this forum.

Your contract should spell out whether or not you own the equipment.  Double check that 1 year.  They usually do a three year contract.   They installed my system in 2008 and I definitely paid for the hardware.  When the three years was up I dumped them.  I now use Alarm Relay at a significantly lower price.  Pay attention to your monthly payment.  Their computer is programmed to automatically increase the amount periodically.  Call and complain and they will probably put it back where it was..

The Safewatch 3000 is an ADT version of the Vista 20P.  That is what I have.  It is not exactly the same as a 20P.

It all comes down to the contract you signed.  You have to read the fine print to determine if you own it.

However based on my experience, ADT equipment is normally leased as stated by the company rep.  Their sales reps often say anything to close the deal.

I once did a bid for a client, they ended up signing with ADT.  When the techs were in the middle of installation, the client read through the fine print of his contract. He noticed that in fact the contract was for a lease as opposed to a purchase as in your situation. He immediately told the techs to stop working and called the office and cancelled immediately within the three day cancellation period. He then called me up to come out and install the system as mine was a purchase. It worked out great for me as all the wire was already pulled and contacts installed. I just had to install the keypad and the control panel to finish the job.
Hello All,

When we bought this house last February, our equipment was DSC and we upgraded it when we signed on with ADT.  I specifically told the ADT tech I wanted to own the equipment.  He upgraded the panel, changed out the keypads for 2 Safewatch Pro 3000 (but I don't think either is alpha numeric), added another glass breakage detector, and added Pulse.  I have the charges but no receipts for the equipment (I had 5 contractors here at once and it was chaos).  I was charged:

$46.54 (monthly fee)

I spoke with ADT customer service and they said this was an installation cost and I don't own the equipment.  Can anyone help me out as to what I purchased?  Do I own or am I leasing?  The install was on 3/1/18 and my monthly bill is due on the 29th of the month.  I have a one year contract.

Here are the pics of my security boards,  I'm assuming I have a Vista 20p but not sure why it's followed with a '5'.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Thanks All,

The screw needed to be wedged to give the threads something to ride on.  I finally got the panel open!

On to my next topic.

I do not think that is simply a washer, but I am not sure what contraption it is.  Yes, the screw was probably over-tightened and the currently engaged threads are stripped.  A drill is hard to use here because it will also turn the screw, and holding the screw while drilling is awkward.  A small portable power grinder can grind off the screw head without worrying about it turning.  Go slowly to allow heat dissipation to avoid burning the nearby paint.  Cover that hole so the hot steel grindings do not do something bad inside.
Did you try using a small flat blade screwdriver wedged under the washer and give it outward tension while trying to unscrew it?  Or maybe under just the head of the screw?

Sounds like a couple threads on the screw may be stripped.

May need to try and drill the head of the screw off.
Thanks EdLank,

I've attached my pic,

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