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Alarm Relay - Alarm Monitoring Questions / Remotely Reboot Modem
« Last post by Stratmando on Today at 09:51:48 AM »
I have a Customer that wants to be able to Reboot their Modem, should it need. Can Do with Landline and a Viking RC-2. However, they have Comcast with VOIP. He feels that is OK, as Phone Usually? keeps working. I would like to be able to do if VOIP was out as well, I called Alarm Relay to see If any Cellular Units allow controlling a contact Remotely, They Say No. Only way left I feel is have a Photodetector over the Online Indicator, and if it goes out, small circuit will remove power for 30? seconds, then restore power.
Any other Ideas or Input? 
DSC is into the thinking, and the way I heard it, Was the Power G is 2 way, they each have built in Sounders. If One goes off, they all go off.
This way it would be about $700 in Materials for the Panel, Receiver, 6 Smokes. Figure 3 Hours to get Power to the Panel, Program, and Mount the Detectors.

Was always trying to find a Fast way to provide Immediate Protection,

This is a 2 Level House, 3 smokes up, 3 smokes down stairs,

Although it is about a $1000 for the above method, 2 other methods may cost more?. Lot more work, we are recovering from Hurricane Irma, and hard to spend a lot of time on each job.

Wireless interconnected Smokes still need Power to each, And Regular Smokes with the Interconnect would be a nightmare pulling through Fan, light boxes, switch boxes and receptacles, as well as through the Main Panel.
Disconnect both wires from the panel for that zone.
Measure the resistance between the wires with the window open and closed.
With the window open the resistance should be infinity.
With the window closed the resistance should be very low if there is no EOLR or the value of the EOLR if there is one.

This test will tell you if you have a problem with the wiring or the panel.
i have installed vista 21ip and tuxedo touch screen keypad connected to the panel.
i am having one issue so far. when i arm my panel either away or stay, the panel goes to sleep after 30s or 1 min or whichever time i set in the panel but if i open the door ir trip any other sensors then it does not give me any chimes or anouncement to unarm the system. whatever the delay time i have set up, it sounds the siren. This hapen only if the touch screen is not lit.
If i stand there and play with it and trip the sensor then it tells me to unarm the system.
Let me know if you have any suggestions to fix this issue....
Looks like something going on with my zone 5.
Thanks for all your help. I checked between 14 and 15 and got 12.9. . If I remove 14 nothing happens.
The way I checked the wire earlier was just checking for continuity it seemed fine - as in not broken.
If it's an Ademco 4110--it was one of a "Vantage" Series, but I think that morphed into the _Vista_ Series with later revisions.  You may have an Ademco 4110DL or 4110XM.  Zone terminals are the same for all the 4110s, and it was probably installed more than 15 years ago; like maybe in the early-to-mid 90's. 

You said you "checked wire for open or short", but I don't know how you checked it, so I don't know what you should have found. 
My first check for a panel not showing Open (Fault) on an open window, would be to check for voltage across the  green wire connected to T14 and the yellow wire connected to the 1K resistor that's landed on T15.  With the window open, it should read about 12-13VDC if the wires and contacts are good.

How did you check it, and what results did you find? It's a great help if you have a DMM (Digital MultiMeter).

Your symptom indicates a shorted loop or contact. Remove the wire at T14 to verify that the panel sees the Z5 open. If it does, then the panel's okay and the loop is shorted somewhere. Reconnect green at T14, then remove one wire from the contact and if that doesn't open Z5, then you definitely have shorted Z5 loop wires.

Not sure the only thing I can find says
No. 4110 summery of connections possibly 4110 Ademco
What model of Vista do you have?  The 20P / 21IP utilizes terminals 15 and 16 for zone 5.
Green wire on screw #14, resistor on screw #15 then to the yellow of the same wire.
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