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WANTED - NAPCO MA 3000 Circuit Boards - new - advise cost?

Thank you.
Look at the Interlogix Modular Hub - this is a wired/wireless system that supports 500 zones, 99 partitions and lots of other bits and pieces - their app is very nice and you *can* be self monitored, but you need a dealer to provide access to the servers for you.

An alternative that uses the same app (though has different, slightly limited features) but does NOT require you to use a dealer is the Interlogix NX-8V2 with their NX595 IP board.

Camera-wise you'd be best to get a recorder and connect cameras to that.  No real need to integrate with the burglar alarm.  I usually supply HIKvision to residential clients.  Their products are reasonably priced, good mobile app.  Of course it is an open source system so you can purchase (almost) any IP camera and it will work - but just to be safe you might as well make them all Hikvision, since that company makes about half of all the cameras being supplied today.
Alarm equipment and Security Cameras for sale / Bosch D9127U popit modules
« Last post by paolo on September 18, 2018, 01:48:40 PM »
2 boxes of 50 Bosch D9127U popit modules for $800.00 each box pm if interested?
I have an existing wired system which has normally closed contacts for windows, doors, etc.

I have a very old alarm panel I am going to replace.

I also have to do a video system too as police in my area will not respond without a visual check,  I want this too,  and  would like to record the video as well as seeing it on a smartphone.

So I am looking for a system that can use my wired contacts,   I do not like wireless sensors as you have to replace batteries,   I have an exsisting 12VDC battery back up that can run for months....

I want a monitored system.

For the video system, I want to use a POE wired system to the cameras as well.  Again I don't want to deal with replacing individual batteries

So here is the challenge, to make a system that has the least cost per mpnth for monitoring and internet, etc.

It seems to me that I need two systems,  one for the alarm and one for the video.

I could not find an "all in one system"  that could use my existing wired contacts. Remember I do not want to deal with batteries for wireless.

So  I think I need a new alarm panel that can do a dialout, or internet to monitoring site.   and I need  separate video system like vmodo.

what I found were systems like  Infinity Home, but they want $40/month.    Even on this site there is alarm monitoring for $8.95/mo.    and the zmodo would just work with my existing 1Mbps internet service.

any advice appreciated

Hello All,

Thank you very much for everyone's input on here, I have learnt alot about the powermax panels from reading posts on here - I actually just read posts to gain knowledge and not necessarily to change my system until now. My system was installed (by someone else) with the landline wires connected to line on the motherboard and directly into to the telephone socket not a filter. And I have now installed cameras which i can view via my internet. The problem is when the powermax rings me for a private report the internet connection is dropped and i can't view my cameras which defeats the purpose of the set up. To overcome this issue I installed a gsm module but I am missing the "4.6 define gsm" menu completely to activate the gsm module. Accordong to the manual this menu option should be available after the panel detects the gsm module automatically.

I think the gsm module is working for the following reasons
1- when I re-connected the panel it said RSSI was good - also did a signal test using a mobile phone in the area of the alarm which confirmed the signal was good.
2- when I dial the sim number I get a fax like dial tone after the first ring but I can't send it commands probably because gsm module is not active on the system.

Based on posts on here I have tried the following
1- powered the system down completely
2- changed master install and sub install codes to different codes and tried the install menu from both codes.
3- removed the module, cleaned it and put it in again.

What do you guys suggest? I would like to use the gsm module without the pstn if possible. Whilst writing this I thought if the pstn dialer would work without disconnecting the internet if I connected it to a filter.

Thank you very much and sorry for the long post, I wanted to give you as much info as possible.

After posting this, I removed the gsm module and connected via the telephone wire again and I got the message 'cel rmvd cnfrm' on the panel and according to the installer manual (section 4.6 gsm auto detection) this indicates the modem was previously installed. So the question is where has my Define GSM menus disappeared?
Just be aware that motion sensors or pressure mats that are designed to "take up to 60 pound pets" are pet-TOLERANT,  _NOT_ "Pet Immune".  The phrase "Pet Immune" is an advertising myth that techs have to live with. 

The 60-pound-pet-tolerant mat will tolerate a 60 pound dog walking up/down the stairs, but a jumping 60-pound dog will exert the force of a 300-pound man walking.

I made those numbers up but the principle applies.  The pressure mat is going to "see" a dog playfully chasing your cat up the stairs differently than it sees the dog walking calmly up the stairs. Or a dog bounding down the stairs because Master's at the front door.

I don't want to scare you off the idea entirely--it may very well work--but be aware that it can be very difficult to design interior protection around pets.  There are no guarantees.

EDIT: And BTW, an awful lot of pets act differently when their humans are present than they do when they're alone. 
A caution with this plan which may or may not be a problem depending on where you live. A "rate-of-rise" detector is also a "rate-of-fall" detector. If you live an an area where it gets very cold outside and your garage is either heated or unheated but very warm, think what happens when you open that garage door on a very cold day. A rush of cold air comes in to the much warmer garage. The ROR detector will see that very fast temperature change and activate. I live in Illinois and learned this the hard way. I changed to fixed temp and had no further problems.
Wow, I can't believe no one has responded to this thread in five days.  0-0

First and foremost: This is NOT a programming error. There is no setting in programming that will have the control panel respond to the 5816 that way. I agree with you that it was coincidental that the trouble appeared (or she first noticed the trouble) right after the Guardian tech was out there.

The most likely source of the trouble is the 5816 itself; specifically, the reed switch inside the cover has probably gone flaky. Somewhat less likely is that the 5816 printed circuit board (PCB) has gone flaky. The inexpensive fix is to replace the 5816, which will entail your going into Panel Programming (assuming you have a 6160 or 6139 Alphanumeric Keypad--do you?) to delete the old sensor, and enroll the new sensor. Do NOT try to do this without an Alphanumeric Keypad.
If you haven't already, download the Installation manual whatever control panel (not the keypad) she has--the model number should be on the wiring diagram on the inside of the door of the steel cabinet where the panel lives. What model is it, btw? Vista-10, Vista-10SE, Vista-20SE, etc, etc?

Feel free to post back if you decide to try this yourself and one of us will be happy to give you a walk-through tutorial in deleting and replacing the 5816.

 Guardian doesn't have to know you were in programming.  The system belongs to your grandmother, right?

_Much_ less likely is that the control panel itself has gone flaky, but that kind of failure is vanishingly rare. Open a few other doors/windows with 5816s and see if you get the same symptom. My guess is that you won't.  If you do, I'd like to hear about it.
9 This is a pressure mat that will take up to 60 pound pets
Ok then.  You'll probably need to stay away from any type of PIR on a stairwell unless you create a pet alley.
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