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Sounds like a tamper switch issue.  That is very common to have issues when the transmitter is mounted on the door, and not the frame.  Years of vibration and jarring causes problems.

Pop the cover off.  See that little metal lever switch on the circuit board?  On the cover, there is a little piece that pushes that in.  Just take a few pieces of electrical tape that are cut into small strips, and stick them over that little tab to add some cushion to it.  That will help keep the tamper switch pushed in further.  Reassemble.

You can also enroll a "no alarm response" zone as that serial number, loop 4.  Loop 4 on those is the tamper switch.  If you create a zone for it and have the zone do nothing, it essentially disables the tamper.  I wouldn't call it a permanent fix, as it will wear the battery down quicker.
Great info.  I will look into all of that and come back here for help when I am ready to do this.  I never thought about smoke detectors but that is a good idea.  I guess my thinking was I don't want the fire department coming for false alarms if I burnt some toast or something but if it is self monitored, that wouldn't matter.

The Honeywell 5808W3 is a photoelectric smoke detector, it will not alarm because you burnt toast. An ionization smoke detector will alarm every time you burn toast, however, it will delay or fail to alarm for a slow smoldering fire.

Watch this YouTube video to educate yourself on Photoelectric vs Ionization smoke detectors-

The chances of a properly installed and maintained 5808W3 false alarming is very slim. If you're worried about false dispatches, you can provide the central station with instructions to call the house or a number you specify before dispatching the Fire Dept on a fire alarm.
OP HERE - I "THINK" it's fixed. At least it's acting right and doesn't show a FRONT DOOR FAULT.
I got lucky!
Both pieces are mounted with screws into wood.

I just now THINK I got the old 5816 replaced with the new one, and when I alarm the system and open the front door, it works fine and the alarm alerts.

But when I disarm with my 4-digit code, it says PRESS * FOR FAULTS and it shows FAULT 10 FRONT DOOR

Now what? How do I track down what's wrong?

Are the sensor and/or the magnet held in place by sticky tape instead of screws?  Make sure the magnet is still aligned with the marks on the side of the 5816 case.  Is either one mounted on a steel surface?
All it says is CHECK FRONT DOOR. ON EDIT: And beeps.
What type of alert are you receiving? Fault, tamper, or low battery?
I have an Ademco unit that is maybe around 10 or 11 years old. Has worked flawlessly all this time. However, in the past several months, the front door sensor (5816) just alerts all by itself for no reason. I enter my code to stop it and again to clear it. I have installed a new battery in the sensor - that did not solve the problem. ON EDIT: The system is not armed when this happens.

Any thoughts on what might be wrong and how to fix it?
Or is the sensor shot and needs to be replaced?

Are you getting a programming manual/guide along with it?

Well, I have the installation manual for the BHS-4000, which I have now. I also have the installation manual for the DSS-665, which I know is similar to the BHS-1000. But the values might not be the same, of course—and while the 4000B can reasonably be figured out without the manual, I know the 1000 is different. So yeah, I am going to need the manual if I want to mess with the programming and actually know what I'm doing. (Might still be interesting to just try things at random and see what different things do by trial and error, if there's no chance of that doing permanent damage that can't be fixed by simply resetting the programming.)
Are you getting a programming manual/guide along with it?
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