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Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure what you mean by location 37, segment 2. I assume your talking about programming it. I do not have the ability to program anything. Not a pro. Just a DIYer.

A few questions:

1) Is a self contained Siren just a speaker with a driver built in ?
2) Can I hook up the ELk-100 to the Bell terminals on the panel ? or does that get connected to a AUX port only ?
3) I don't currently have a 3.3k resistor wired to antyhing----so so does that mean the panel will not work with a self contained siren?
Can't say whether you killed the bell output or not, but the panel accepts either a speaker OR a siren/bell - you define which in location 37, segment 2, the first bit.  Obviously since you wire them in parallel they have to both be of the same type (speaker or siren/bell) - in the case of a siren polarity of the connection is important.

Note that the output is supervised and requires a 3.3K resistor be wired at the end of line if you use a siren - speakers and bells both load the terminal enough to satisfy the panel.

If you DID kill the Bell output you could always use one of the auxiliary outputs wired to drive a relay that would switch power to a siren or siren-driver.
Ok, need some help here. I'm just a DIY homeowner and could really use the help.

So I have an NX-6V2 and I wanted to add an outdoor self contained siren. I was told that I could just connect the new outdoor siren in parallel with the existing siren. Well....I did that and then when I set the alarm off both sirens made a sad chirping sound and the nothing. I reconnected the original siren and now it sound terrible.

Did I break the sirens or the panel ?

I have since done some proper research and from what I understand I should have installed an ELK-100 but not sure if I can hook the ELK-100 up to the bell terminals  since it has a built in driver.

                                     Thanks for any feedback

thanks a lot
101 turn bit 8 on for wireless
solve the issue
TN DIY, the alarm system has its own dedicated phone number. In the past, it would call my house phone when the alarm were tripped and it would read out the phone number. I tried programming location 2 to to value 4 for pager format but still did not work. When the alarm tripped, I could hear the control board relay make clicking noise but no call are made. Don't know if I am still missing something. Thanks
101 turn bit 8 on for wireless
202 turn bit 1 on assigning zone 1 to partition 1
I  "Factory default main panel (Hardware)" FOCUS 32 (Power 832/PC5010) and RFK 5501 (PK5501) to get the master code.

After resetting the system, I did program below
a. Set time
*6 1234 1 HHMM MMDDYY ##
b. Disable Phoneline
*8 5010 015 7 ##
c. Set Zone 1
*8 5010 001 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ##
d.  set wireless Window contact
*8 5010 01 <ESN> ##
e.  Test wireless Zone
*8 5010 904 01
The result is "good" with one beep and

However,  the "door "icon and "1" are displayed and "ready" light is off.   I guess it means Zone 1 is open.
 So   I can not  arming the system.

After that, I try short terminal zone 1 and com and remove wireless device by
*8 5010 01 000000 ##.
The result is the same that  "door " icon  and "1" are displayed and "ready" light is off.

Alarm *2  indicated backup battery is low, so the "alarm" light is ON.
But I think the alarm light shall not prevent "ready" light on.

Any help and advise are vey appreciated.

I'm not sure if you can do that as your house phone and cell phone are not capable of giving an acknowledge tone regardless of what format you use. The panel needs to get an acknowledgement tone to sent the alarm data.
I appreciate this thread.  The images of the circuit and the schematic are not longer available.  Does anyone have them?

I tried to contact hillroberts and watchd0gg, but they appear to have stopped posting long ago.
TN DIY, thanks for your help. When I pressed *2, no zone light lid up but the service light started to blink. Before the service light was solid lid. Also I just found out that I did not program location 1 and 2. Location 1 is phone 1 account code (right now it is at default setting). Do I need to program location 1? Location 2 is phone 1 communication format (right now it is at default setting of "0"). I think that is where I screwed up not giving it an communication format. This are the format in the manual, which one should I use for my application? I am just trying to get the system to call my house phone and my cell phone. Thanks ALL
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