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I presume you activated the SIM with C24 prior to programming?

But more important, according to your other post, you have a PC1832 PowerSeries panel.  The TL2803G is only compatible with the PowerSeries Neo line of panels (i.e. HS2032).  For a PC1832, you want the TL2603GR dual-path communicator.
DSC Security Systems. Technical Support and Frequently Ask Questions / TL2803G(R)(E)
« Last post by vectrasoundz on September 24, 2018, 08:08:01 PM »
I have been bursting my brain to get this thing work with a sim card to no avail. It works perfectly with the ethernet, but the sim side would not work, am I missing something in programming?
We checked out all. but the panel would not communicate at all
Hello All and thanks in advance.

I am trying to integrate a Kidde 120V Smoke/CO Combo system into a Power Series panel using a relay.  I have done this many times successfully with just a straight Kidde smoke detector using the SM120X relay from Kidde but so far can't get the combo Smoke/CO to integrate (it fails to violate the zone when tested with a smoke or CO test spray).  I have tried using both the SM120X relay (for the smoke side) and a CO120X (for the CO side) and neither one will violate the zone (i.e. - the relays don't seem to be tripping).

Has anybody had any success integrating the combo CO and smoke detectors? If so how is it done?

ive had to replace a boatload of 5501z keypads from 2014/2015 for bad displays, but usually there was something on the display, they just would show everything. Some parts would just be blank but it would always show some part of the display
Ok.  Well the PK / RFK 5501 keypad does not display text as you're probably aware.  However, it should display the time when not in use.  I wonder if you had experienced a complete power loss where AC power was lost and the backup battery drained to a level where the panel powered down.

If this happens, it loses the system clock which needs to be reprogrammed.

Try resetting the clock...
* 8 xxxx 6 1 HH:MM MM/DD/YY #

After this, when the keypad is left alone, the time should be displayed.
Security System Technical Support and Frequently Ask Questions / Re: RPK5501 Blank Screen
« Last post by texmln on September 23, 2018, 04:56:29 PM »
I've never changed a setting on them.  I've only set the alarm on and off and ran the test code.  I'm not familiar with the keypad blanking setting.  Is that a code I can input to toggle on and off?
Did you turn keypad blanking on, and if so, did you also turn on code required to remove keypad blanking?
Security System Technical Support and Frequently Ask Questions / RPK5501 Blank Screen
« Last post by texmln on September 23, 2018, 01:21:29 AM »
I have two RPK5501 keypads less than three years old and both displays have gone blank.  Each keypad is connected to a separate PC1616 sytem in a separate building.  Both alarm systems otherwise work fine and test fine, there is just no display on either keypad.  I've searched the forum and haven't seen anything on this.  Do both keypads need to be replaced or is there something else going on?
In the Simon XT (V2) installation manual, Table 22 (page 41) describes Piezo beep options. Among the descriptions are those for the piezo response to "silent exit". However, I find no info regarding setting a silent exit. One might think this is done by setting "Exit delay" to zero, but the system does not allow an exit delay lower than 45. Any guidance?
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