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Title: Recent merger of supplier
Post by: AlarmMike on January 02, 2018, 05:04:22 AM
So a couple months ago, I received notice that my first and main national supplier was merging with another larger supplier.  Couple weeks ago we received notice they were shutting down the smaller website and moving us to the larger site.  This was finally completed this evening.

They set up my account.  All I had to do is set my password.  Easily done.  I then started poking around the new sight and checked some prices just out of curiosity.   WOW!!!  Expecting to see better pricing being it was a larger company, I was SHOCKED to see the pricing averaging 20 - 30% MORE!!!  We're talking retail pricing, not wholesale.

I'm calling them first thing when they open to find out what's up.  If the pricing is correct, I will sadly be ending our 22 year relationship and finding a new supplier.