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Yes, I'm still waiting on a call back so... The 1820 sounds like a good option!

Hey that's crazy! I found my original receipt from the install 10 years ago. The guy is still in business so I'm currently waiting on a call back so hopefully he can sell me keypad and come over and clean out HIS installers code. Now that the warranty is up I'm sure it's now big deal now... Well see. Thanks for you help!

Thanks for your help, I can't figure out what to do or buy to make it work correctly. I'm guessing a new board and pads is the answer at this point.

That makes sense, from what little I have figures out on how the system works I am assuming that the program code has been changed (if that's possible) or this remaining key pad it bad too.

When I put in the program code the LCD still displays "enter code" I assume at that point the code is wrong?

I'm using *8 9713

From poking around the net different manual say to set the partition and key pad. I have LCD pads and try the sequence of *94 9713 and such with no luck. The service light just stays on...

Just can't seem to find the info needed to clear it...

Hi all, I need some help with this unit. I have a 10 yr old NX-8  system w/ a NX 216e expander w/ a total of 24 zones, and 2 NX 1448e key pads.
 I had a storm at the end of the summer that took out my system, I have finally gotten around to diagnosing it. The storm left the keypads useless, the back lighting is on but no text. So what I have found so far is one shorted keypad.  Initially when I power the unit down then back up (remove wires from AC then reattach)  After about 5 sec. It beeps and all goes blank.

So from there I started remove one key pad at a time, after removing one key pad the system comes up and works. However, now the service light is on and the system beeps endlessly. I performed the reset code *7 and it doesn’t react or do anything.  I select the service code *2 and get 1, then like the manual says I select 1 again and get 7. Which is” Expander Trouble”

I have also removed the 216e board and performed a reset as well.

So my question is, would expander trouble be the expander board, the remaining key pad or something else? Not sure which way to go from here...

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