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UPDATE: I have posted my method for recovering the passcodes from a Concord 4 EEPROM at the electronics site EEVBlog:

Coincidentally, Deron Grzetich recently detailed a different technique for reading the EEPROM at the Malos Ojos Security Blog:

Hope someone finds these useful.

This may be of benefit to anyone trying to identify what panel they have. Seems to cover most models.

Thanks for this link, it has quite a bit of useful info on Concord alarms. That said, the Versions list is dated (as suggested by the 2010 in the URL). I have a Concord 4 system installed new in 2016 that has Factory Code 469*4092 & Software Label 755-4007, which are well above the highest version numbers in the list. Maybe someone at Vyanet can update the list?

The write-up for my access method shows only simulated Installer & Dealer codes. But I can see the potential problem if an alarm company uses the same Dealer and/or Installer codes across many Concord 4 systems. If a criminal gets access to any one of those panels while disarmed, he could then read the codes and secretly reprogram any other of the company's systems that he has access to while disarmed. But I don't think having the Dealer/Installer code would help against an armed Concord 4 since I believe only the Master/User code can disarm/arm the system. (This is presumably to prevent a rogue technician who has a list of his company's Dealer & Installer codes from going on a burglary spree!) So I have mixed feelings about posting the method and would like to hear more feedback.

I recently faced the problem of gaining access to a Concord 4 alarm system in my new home. By combining pieces of info I got from various online DIY forums, including this one, I succeeded in reading the passcodes from the alarm EEPROM. The method is pretty straightforward, so I'd like to share it to help other homeowners or installers that need to program a locked Concord 4. I was thinking of posting the complete details, including some photos,  here in the GE/Interlogix or the Tips & Tricks topics. Do people here think this would be appropriate info for this forum? Or is some other online site better suited? Or is best to just keep it to myself?

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