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Alarm Business Owners / Recent merger of supplier
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:04:22 AM »
So a couple months ago, I received notice that my first and main national supplier was merging with another larger supplier.  Couple weeks ago we received notice they were shutting down the smaller website and moving us to the larger site.  This was finally completed this evening.

They set up my account.  All I had to do is set my password.  Easily done.  I then started poking around the new sight and checked some prices just out of curiosity.   WOW!!!  Expecting to see better pricing being it was a larger company, I was SHOCKED to see the pricing averaging 20 - 30% MORE!!!  We're talking retail pricing, not wholesale.

I'm calling them first thing when they open to find out what's up.  If the pricing is correct, I will sadly be ending our 22 year relationship and finding a new supplier.

Give us Your Input on this Forum / ShieldLab forum back online
« on: December 18, 2017, 08:09:45 PM »
The ShieldLab forum is back online...  Sorry for the downtime.  Hosting had expired but has been renewed.

Just ordered restock of DSC wireless smokes and found out the WS4916 has been discontinued and replaced by the WS4936.  Anybody try these new ones out yet?  Looks to be a step backwards in my eyes.  Now comes with 3 AAA alkaline batteries and looks ugly compared to the WS4916.  ::)

Anybody out there have a installation / programming manual for the HMS 925?  It's been years since I've switched a customer over with one.  I need to change the reporting format on it.

So, it's time to upgrade the PC and operating system (XP) I've been using for DLS.  Hoping to jump to Windows 10.  DLS 5 specifies support up to Windows 8.1.  Anybody running DLS 5 and/or DLS 2002 with Windows 10?

Anybody else having trouble replying to posts as of today, 9/11/15?

This is what I get when trying to reply to one...


You don't have permission to access /forum/index.php on this server."

20+ years in the business and this one has me stumped.

PC1555MX with PC5132 v4.2 receiver and all wireless zones (including WLS925 door/window transmitters).

Operating flawless for 9 years.  Then system goes into zone fault (WLS925).  Troubleshooting over phone / DLS to no avail.  Field service call found that the ESN "spontaneously" changed the last 2-3 digits in the receiver programming.  Corrected and tested it, all good.  Called DSC, and they never heard of anything like it.  Six months later, happens again.  I then moved it to a different zone.  So far so good.

Subsequently, the customer decided to ditch POTS line and switched to HSPA.  I upgraded to a 1616 with 3G2060R, left the receiver alone, and programmed the 1616 to match the old 1555.  A day later, a different zone, WLS904P, has gone into fault.  Download reveals the ESN has not changed.  Customer tried tampering the motion to "unstick" it twice to no avail.

Heading back out tomorrow to see what's going on.

Anybody ever have an issue with the receiver changing ESN's spontaneously on a PC5132?

Noticed today that all times indicated are 7 hour later than current time.

Just logged on after about 24 hours.  Forum "seems" to be hosted elsewhere?  ""  Malware warning from Norton has gone away.  Anybody know anything???  Wanna make sure that malware issue didn't crack Norton somehow.

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