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I own a Napco MA2600 and I know that the Napco RP2000LCD or RP2000LED will work with this particular Napco Alarm Panel.
   Does the Napco RP3000LCD also work with the MA2600 or is it just for the Napco MA3000 only?

    I had in the past asked questions about my new NAPCO MA2600 but lately it's been doing a strange thing when reporting.
The FIRE trouble is being seen at Slomin's Security Monitoring as a burglary alarm and all Burglary Alarms are being reported
as Fire Trouble. Slomin's show all my PIR Zone, Door Switch Info correctly, but they see it as being a Fire Code. The opposite
is being triggered for the Fire Zone and it's being reported as a Burglar alarm.
    I've got an alarm person coming in but I've got to think it might be a simple programming error during the Keypad programming
portion was done. The alarm person said he has seen that being an Cablevision Optimum On-line user that this sometimes reverse
the signals too, but he will come in about a weeks time.
   Does anyone know what might the possible solution here might be?? Thank you again!

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